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Human Pharming is streaming now at Brighteon University May 27 @12 noon EST thru June 6th

100+ years ago. Ruthless financiers who desired total control, impunity, & secrecy, implemented their master plan of a global pharma system based on disease, death, & profit. Read More

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How to BANKRUPT TARGET without lifting a finger. That's how it's done - vote with your wallet.

Turn the tables on every one that helped BANKRUPT the small business owners during the lockdowns. Don't forget Walmart - heavily "IN BED" with CCP. WHY would anyone want to do business with ANY of them? Read More

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Public Voices Halted in Washington County, Utah

Another important story from Iron County NewsRead More

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What YOU Can and Should Do to Assist in the Lawsuit

As part of the People's Rights Network, we are in a position to assist in the lawsuit against Ammon Bundy and People's Rights. Read More

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Reject SB 5599 Livestream

We do NOT co-parent with the government. We have been discussing the legislation that was passed recently and will be sharing a livestream with a plan of action Friday June 2.Read More

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Breaking Down the Restrict Act S.B. 686

TikTok ban or Government Overreach? According to senate bill 686 - aka The Restrict Act, it's totally Government Overreach! With a $1,000,000 fine or 20 years in prison for those who can't afford it, you can bet your butt that if this bill passes, it will be bad! Read More

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"I Was POISONED" This is SERIOUS! Dr. Battar killed by being given 200 X's the dose of the poison poke.

This is nothing new. For several decades, there has been a list of physicians & scientists & whistleblowers dying under suspicious circumstances who were healing people of "incurable" diseases or inside knowledge of gov't 'activities'. One can only imagine how long that list is now adding the myriad of ones killed since the c0\/id scamdemic.Read More

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Homeschooling on the rise. Parents either want more family time or to protect their children from the defiling content being taught in public schools.

Seattle Public Schools is even considering shutting down some schools because so many students have been withdrawn to homeschool.Read More

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Thurs. June 1st Klamath County PR Mtg: Globalist vs. Sovereignty and the WHO power grab

video and discussion lead by Tom Munds of the John Birch SocietyRead More

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene launches IMPEACHMENT proceedings against Biden, 3 others for corruption

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has launched impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden and three other officials of the executive branch, claiming that they need to be removed from office for corruption.Read More

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