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Oh, no! Is this really happening? All of those protests in China over the past few days appear to be working. Noncompliance!

According to our sources in China the government is listening and easing more and more restrictions thanks to the protests. The New York Times calls for the release of Julian Assange, could this be the push that finally makes a difference? Elon Musk is about to release the Twitter Files and powerful people are nervous about it. Read More

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'WHY DO YOU CENSOR SPEECH?' Josh Hawley sends Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Mayorkas STRAIGHT TO J.AIL after 'truth cop' plan

Mayorka apparently has conflict of interest when it comes to free speech and that being in U.S. illegally - a felony - isn't a reason to be deported. Hawley in rare form for most Congressmen in this hearing. Brief video well worth viewing.Read More

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FCC License Fee Now in Effect. General Course Update Next Year

Read More

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Arizona Parental Bill of Rights

Attached you will find a PDF document detailing the Arizona Parents Bill of Rights. Save it, Study it, Share it. Read More

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Off Grid w/Doug & Stacy: "Tractor Supply Sponsoring ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show? You wont believe what TRACTOR SUPPLY did! I'm not shopping there anymore."

Lots of customers are wondering why Tractor Supply sponsored a “family friendly” drag show in Waco, Texas. Owners of Tractor Supply are radical "WOKE" leftists supporting the LGBTQ farmers.Read More

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Health freedom attorney Thomas Renz rallies humanity to FIGHT THE PHARMA BEAST

How we dismantle the global system of control - a system of the much larger problem that wants to enslave & control humanity. How we defeat that system & restore human dignity & human freedom on an individual basis for future generations. Rense essentially said there are a lot of 'snakes' involved that we'd love to see locked up but, to get to the head, & there are many of those as well, we need to find out who's facilitating the corruption. Read More

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Terms And Conditions May Apply.

The film’s ultimate message is to provide a warning to users about the possibility of malintent for the use of personal information by large digital companies such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Now more than ever, with the nefarious cabal running our governments, we need to protect our private information - no matter how minor it may seem.Read More

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Hopefully, some helpful information. This idea has really caught on. Comparatively safer, longer lasting & minimal expense than some other emergency lighting.

Wow. This video has gone viral on YouTube. Burn time using 4 oz of fuel is 16 hours. The glass does not get hot. Instructions & links to purchase necessary parts/supplies if needed.Read More

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Maria Zeee & guest Chris Sky, the #1 advocate to make sure the world stops complying. This go round we're going to need GLOBAL UNITED NON-COMPLIANCE..

Cruise ship allegedly had an "outbreak" of the latest invisible enemy and mask wearing has returned. The main reason we didn't succeed last time was because of our compliance. Global ghouls are trying to reinstitute the C-19 fear & implementing mask mandates. They know if they lose this time they lose for good. Our mantra? Just say, "No" & do not comply. Do not comply. Do not comply.Read More

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Oregon Voter Lawsuit document attached

Download the attached lawsuit and note the next 2 meeting dates, Dec. 1st and 15thRead More

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