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What to Do When Someone Needs or Asks for Assistance in Defending Their Rights

People's Rights is a network of united neighbors assisting each other in defending their rights. The network is growing and more people are uniting daily. So, what do we actually need to do when someone needs or asks for help? This article should help you know what to do and the steps you should take to assist your neighbor. Read More

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Facts & Event - Hammond Family (Published 12/27/2015)

The abuses and corruptions affecting people like the Hammonds are symptoms of a more encompassing problem. Government employees (fulltime & elected) have changed their culture from one of service to, and respect for the people, to the roll of being a masters. On the subject of the land, it is evident that government employees are no longer assisting the people in claiming, using and defending property. Instead, they have become the people’s competitor to the benefits of the land, and are willing to use force on those who they erroneously compete against.Read More

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Rick Koerber - Fraud or Patriot - A good man attacked - Press Conference - October 15, 2019

Almost all of us standing here today, even those who are here in support of Rick, are wondering if Claude Roderick Koerber Franklin is really guilty of fraud. Many of us still believe that Government Officials would not lie, cover up or conspire. Many of us still believe that Government Officials must have had a good reason to indict and prosecute Rick. Read More

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