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WARNING! Fed Now Wants To TRACK & Trace YOU! • GET READY! • Economic Collapse

It's doubtful "economic collapse" will happen immediately but Fed Now HAS been advertising it's CBDC & HAS upped it's IMPLEMENTATION DATE FROM 2024 TO 2023 so we really need to get motivated & motivate others in fighting this thing. Read More

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Freedom To Choose Clean Blood. Gov't blood bank denies unjabbed blood for 4-mo-old baby requiring URGENT open heart surgery.

Parents have 20 qualifed non-jabbed donors & the baby's twin for their baby but are denied the human right of the freedom to choose what goes in their baby's body. The Starship medics say "Jabbed blood or no operation for the baby" & are refusing to help the family in their hour of dire need. The clock is ticking & time is running out for this precious life.Read More

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What is Causing Animals To Walk In Circles? [VIDEO]

Sheep, cattle, birds, fish circling, crocodiles refusing to leave the river banks - apparently many forms of life acting or reacting strangely to an unseen phenomena. Even people seem to see some unknown entitiy, then circling & flailing their arms as if fighting off some invisible attacker then falling & spasming uncontrollably. This is not uncommon with methods of mind control which these psychopaths are notorious for using. This is the first possible proof I've seen. View video & you decide.Read More

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Shedding Concerns: “It Looks Like the mRNA is Transferring from the Jabbed to the Unjabbed with no ability for the body to get rid of it."”

“And, in a paper by Fertig and colleagues, the messenger RNA is found circulating in the blood for at least two weeks. And the curves were not going down. That’s as long as they looked.” Could you actually take a vaccine inadvertently through close contact, kissing, sexual contact, or breastfeeding? Dr. McCullough says, “it looks like the answer is YES.”Read More

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Deputies Fatally Shoot Innocent Grandfather Who Was Being Threatened With A Knife By Grandson

WATCH: Cops Respond to Grandson Threatening Grandpa By Killing Them Both. Police said they attempted to de-escalate the situation but the video shows that was not the case. Read More

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POLICE ABUSE. Caught on video. Victim left paralyzed for life.

This was presented by Free Thought Project from their Police Abuse files. Read More

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Off Grid w/Doug & Stacy: "Tractor Supply Sponsoring ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show? You wont believe what TRACTOR SUPPLY did! I'm not shopping there anymore."

Lots of customers are wondering why Tractor Supply sponsored a “family friendly” drag show in Waco, Texas. Owners of Tractor Supply are radical "WOKE" leftists supporting the LGBTQ farmers.Read More

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OH NO! They're really doing this in Canada and they're not hiding it | Redacted with Clayton Morris

The eugenics programs of the early 1900's never went away they've just evolved. Canada's MAID program is actively pushing people to end their lives early even if it has nothing to do with terminal disease. Journalist Whitney Webb joins us to look more deeply at these continued eugenics programs in 2023. It appears the arguements for/against this are strikingly similar to the abortion debates.Read More

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Oh, no! Is this really happening? All of those protests in China over the past few days appear to be working. Noncompliance!

According to our sources in China the government is listening and easing more and more restrictions thanks to the protests. The New York Times calls for the release of Julian Assange, could this be the push that finally makes a difference? Elon Musk is about to release the Twitter Files and powerful people are nervous about it. Read More

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'WHY DO YOU CENSOR SPEECH?' Josh Hawley sends Secretary of Department of Homeland Security Mayorkas STRAIGHT TO J.AIL after 'truth cop' plan

Mayorka apparently has conflict of interest when it comes to free speech and that being in U.S. illegally - a felony - isn't a reason to be deported. Hawley in rare form for most Congressmen in this hearing. Brief video well worth viewing.Read More

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