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Honoring Victims of the Shots

Silent vigil to honor victims of the Covid shots. Read More

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Hospitals kill people with Covid protocols

NIH Covid Care Protocols established in hospitals are killing thousands of people.Read More

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WeCANact LIBERTY WORKSHOP Friday and Saturday, October 22 and 23, 2021 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City

The most important event held in the nation will provide a toolkit for all who attend that will empower you with a set of applications you can employ in the defense of your personal liberty, your family and the community. WE ALL NEED TO BE THERE.Read More

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Vaccine Passports are in Utah to stay? Kayenta Center for the Arts in Ivins, UT is requiring them.

Jan Broberg, the Executive Director for The Center for the Arts at Kayenta, has determined that in order to ATTEND or PARTICIPATE in a concert, play, festivals, musicals and lectures you must show your COVID vaccine passport.Read More

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Biden Issues Illegal Executive Order on Vaccination Requirements to Work. What you can do.

Joe Biden issues an illegal executive order. What you can do. Explained by Ben McClintoc from Defending Utah.Read More

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Workplace Walkouts Organized Protests Being Planned

Mandated Vax are coming to the workplace and it violates your right to work, bodily autonomy and discrimination against religious and medical rights.Read More

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Success story: While state recommends masks in schools, Southern Utah health department disagrees – St George News

David Bloggett and the Southwest Utah Dept of Health will not support masking in schools.Read More

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Shawna Cox Arrested Unlawfully For Traffic Infraction

August 1, 2021.Shawna Cox- a mother of 13, grandmother of 35 was arrested Sunday Aug 1st at 10:30 am on her way to church. Read More

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Opt Out of the state Department of Health Immunization USIIS database Now

The Federal Government will be knocking on your door soon to push their Covid shot onto you and your family.Read More

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Can You Donate $5.00 / Month To Keep Our System Going?

Ammon Bundy, has incurred considerable costs to build the web platform and at times has been in the 'hole' up to $70k, personally. In addition, web designers have offered their services on a pro bono basis, acting as public servants and with a sense of duty and responsibility. Now the financial responsibility to keep this system going has been turned over to We the People.Read More

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