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Grandmother Assaulted and arrested at Alta View Hospital Facing Charges

Grandmother going to a Dr.'s appointment arrested for trespassing - at the hospital where she had an appointment! CALL-TO-ACTION!Read More

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We need to Unite in Utah and your State Assistant Raul Hevia is Moving out of the State of Utah.

News via videoRead More

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Medical professionals are gathering information from those injured by the Covid vaccine.

Help spread the word: The Health Independence Alliance, a group of independent, Utah-based medical professionals, is gathering information from those injured by the Covid vaccine.Read More

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Another Baby Kidnapping by CPS in Colorado City, AZ

Right on our border with Arizona CPS unlawfully takes 5 children from their mother.Read More

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Call Their Bonds How to guide

Call their Bonds when they violate your rights. Here is a step by step.Read More

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Mike Brown is Unlawfully Removed From the Capitol Building While Supporting HB60

Mike Brown went to the Capitol building in support of SB60 and got ejected from the senate building for wearing a sticker on his shirt. In a violation of rights a number of criminals are named here to denounce them in the hopes criminal charges are filed against them including Utah Senators, UHP Officers and Senate Employees.Read More

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2nd Protest at BYU Attempts to Attract 1,000+ People Save the Date Saturday 11:00 AM February 19th, 2022

A Utah Parent of a BYU athlete speaks up and calls all Utahns to action!: As a parent whose child is an athlete at BYU, I am absolutely beside myself that they would forbid a parent from attending their child's events. I have invested much of my life to creating and nurturing this child and chose to help my child attend this school whom I actually (yes, stupidly) trusted and they treat me as if I am an enemy. They discriminate against me as if I am dirty or immoral. I am absolutely neither and I am standing up and pushing back for all students, all adults, and parents and fighting against discrimination and segregation. This is absolutely abhorrent and satanic to require medical procedures to come into their buildings. This is exactly the way Satan would operate and good people would stand up to this! Please consider your reaction to BYUs new rule that requires a person to be injected with a medical substance or undergo a medical test in order to attend an event. Of all the schools or businesses to be doing this right now, it is so offensive and backwards that a school who claims to follow God would treat community members this way, especially community members who have raised and sent their child to the school. I am directly affected by this new rule and cannot pretend that this evil is remotely okay. Evil like this must be stood up to; we must push back. Read More

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Protest at BYU Provo Campus this Saturday 22, 2021 for Requiring proof of Vax at Public Events

We are joining the World Wide Protest and at the same time protesting BYU's Policy of Show Your Papers!Read More

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Utah Legislators vote to bring troops to Utah streets and homes

HB0016 grants powers to the governor to order the National Guard to come into your house for any emergency response declaration by the Dept. of Homeland Security (ie. the Federal Government) including forced vaccination or any other emergency they deem necessary to enforce anything the Federal Gov declares as an emergency. As you know the planned demic was deemed an emergency.Read More

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Affidavits as Opposed to Religious Exemptions

With an Exemption you can still be suspended from your job. Read More

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