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FBI Threatening Good Idaho Police Officers

Idaho officers that stood for the People during the COVID lock-downs are being investigated by the FBI. One Caldwell Lieutenant has been prosecuted in the federal courts and is now being sentenced. Please read the details in this LETTER TO THE COURT. Read More

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Robert's Story in His Own Words

Robert Jones, from the Ada County Jail Robert Jones, from the Ada County Jail 10-5-2022 I decided to start a journal or the like today. I will start if off with a “prelude,” so to speak, of what led up to today.Read More

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Mike Ingersoll Story: Benewah County Sheriff falsey arrest and accuse one of their own

On Oct 20, 2019 Mike Ingersoll was arrested at his home by Benewah County SheriffRead More

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2nd Annual Gun d'Alene held in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on August 13, 2022

Join us downtown Coeur d'Alene to celebrate our second and first amendment rights on August 13, 2022 at 1pm pstRead More

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Ammon Bundy guest on Critical Disclosure Radio with James White on Brighteon Radio

Ammon Bundy discusses Peoples Rights, his run for Idaho Governor and the pending lawsuit involving St. Luke's HospitalRead More

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THE TAKEDOWN: How we take back America

Join Senior Editor of The New American Magazine May 19 at 6pm as he discusses ideas to take back America. This event is $10 and located at the Coeur d'Alene Resort in Coeur d'Alene, ID.Read More

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This Saturday the People's Right Network (PRN) and PACT will be having a Fair/Rally. People Against Child Trafficking (PACT) is a new organization founded by baby Cyrus' family. The event will start at NOON and then at 2pm we will break into the fair portion for a couple hours with booths and specialists teaching people how to be more self sufficient. At 4PM guest speakers will take the stage and empower you with a message you have never heard before. You will not want to miss their messages. All of this is taking place in the old warehouse where the People's Rights Network (PRN) began, 800 E Locust St, Emmett, Idaho 83617. See you Saturday! Read More

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CPS & Officers Kidnap Child, Multiple Arrests Made - Is This Really Happening in Idaho?!

The Anderson family was enjoying an evening at a friends house, with their young son, Cyrus, and other family members. On their way home last night, they noticed they were being followed by police, so pulled over at a gas station. Then, things got worse. Their son has been taken into State Custody, under (supposedly) medical supervision... because they committed the crime of missing a follow up appointment for an earlier hospital visit.Read More

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Patriot Duane Ehmer charged in Gilliam County for trespass & felon in possession

Duane Ehmer was charged January 25, 2022 while stopping in Condon, Oregon to corral his horse overnightRead More

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What the People's Rights System Should be Used for and What it Should Not be Used for

The People's Rights System is designed to help unify neighbors in the defense of an individual's rights. It is not designed to be a tool for political activism or to be used to promote efforts that influence a political agenda. The People's Rights Network is a free association of individual people that have committed to defend each others rights. The People's Rights System should only be used to promote neighbor unity, preparation and to inform neighbors when a person's rights are being damaged or clearly about to be damaged. The People's Rights Network should be activated when a person's rights are directly being threatened.Read More

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