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Statewide Freedom Rally in Tallahassee

Here in the great state of Florida, WE STAND UNITED FOR FREEDOM! That includes freedom from a mandatory vaccine. Recent surveys show that THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS DO NOT SUPPORT A MANDATORY C0VID VACCINE. Floridians agree. There is no place in a free society for forced medical procedures. Join us in Tallahasse on January 27th. TAKE A STAND FOR FREEDOM. Support Florida legislators in changing Florida’s forced vaccine law (381.00315) and passing SB364 (preventing discrimination on the basis of personal health information) before it is too late.Read More

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Parents in Sarasota FL sue Sarasota County School Board

Concerned Parents in Sarasota County sue School Board over Mask MandateRead More

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Inside Edition airs story on Mothers assaulted and trespassed from Florida school board meeting

Eight mothers being trespassed and dragged from the Volusia County school board meeting in DeLand, FL.Read More

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People's Rights interviews mother assaulted and trespassed from Florida school board meeting

Read More

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States Looking to Renew Dormant, Forced Vaccination Laws That Have Existed for Decades

American Freedom Information Institute Discovers Draconian and Constitutionally Questionable Laws in Several States Read More

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