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Idaho 10 Area Meeting - Thurs. April 22nd

Long time, no see! You are invited to attend an upcoming meeting of the People's Rights Idaho 10 Area. All are welcome, of course (bring a friend or 5)!Read More

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‘Isolation Kills Too’

Mary Daniel on Becoming a Dishwasher to See Her Husband; Advising Gov DeSantisRead More

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Victory Garden and Back to Eden Gardening Class

Amanda taught an amazing class on gardening. Many people expressed interest, so here are some notes.Read More

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Area 4SE, 4SW, 4NE, 4NW meeting tonight!

Read More

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For the People to Judge / Motion to Dismiss Ammon Bundy's & Aaron Schmidt's Case

This Motion to Dismiss, along with a fair and public trial if necessary, should give opportunity for Ammon & Aaron (the accused) to show the court, jury and the people ample evidence and testimonies that they were well within their rights to be at the Idaho Capitol building both days, that they were being peaceful and non-disruptive and that Ammon was targeted by Idaho Governor Brad Little, Speaker of the House Scott Bedke and Idaho State Police (Blake Higley). Evidence will show that these Idaho State officials (and others) conspired to remove Ammon from the capitol building because they viewed him as an opposing political leader and believed he would prove to be a deterrent to their political objectives if he was allowed to remain present at the capitol building during the special legislative session in August 2020 and during the upcoming regular legislative session in 2021. HERE IS THE EVIDENCE, YOU BE THE JUDGE!Read More

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Area 4NW, 4SW, 4EW, 4NE Meeting

It will be fun to get the four areas together. Read More

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It would be unconscionable for a judicial officer to consider an act of a person, who has never been convicted of any crime, who resides in the State boundaries of Idaho, who entered the Idaho Capitol Building to peacefully talk to elected representatives during open hours, during a legislative session, as a crime. For any person, including an officer of the court, to consider these peaceful constitutionally protected acts as perceived evil is not only unconscionable, but arguably illegal and certainly unlawful. Read More

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Are We In Agreement ??

How you are praying and what you are specifically praying for has more impact than you know Read More

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In person Discussion with Ammon Bundy, & other Ada County abuse victims THIS SAT, APRIL 10, 2021 A.D. @ 6:30 PM

Come take part in an in person discussion about the abuse and torture happening at the Ada County Jail. Your input is needed, to find solutions to these ever increasing atrocities occurring in our community. Read More

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KTVB in Boise Accused of Biased and False Reporting

The most recent episode of fake news arrived in an April 8 story about arrests at Idaho’s Capitol. In a piece titled, Ammon Bundy arrested twice more at Idaho Statehouse, the Boise news station referred to Bundy, as it regularly does, as an “anti-government demonstrator.” Love him or hate him, who he is here should not matter. If you put the name “John Doe” in the place of “Ammon Bundy” in this piece, you will see what’s being written could be considered libelous and defamatory.Read More

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