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Kansas District 9: Meet and Greet Informational Session

Come join us on October 24th from 2-4 PM at the 4h/Senior Center 1025 S. Spring Valley Rd, Junction City, Kansas for our first meet-up. Read More

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Coming for angry school parents: Is the Biden DOJ criminalizing conservative dissent?

Our neighbors in Missouri: “Threats against public servants are not only illegal, but also run counter to our nation’s core values,” Garland wrote in the announcement. Absolutely. But so is criminalizing dissent. And that’s what this feels like to many of us." Read More

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Kansas voter registration deadline for general election approaching

VOTE! It is our right to participatee in elections by voting and providing a voice to society's issues. Read More

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Food Allergies, Disability Law and Your Rights: Navigating Public Accommodations

In this webinar, the fourth in our six-part series on food allergy patient rights, we will discuss the rights that food-allergic patrons have when using public accommodations and the cases in disability law that impact those rights. Read More

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Kansas Agriculture Emergency Response Corps

The vision for the KAERC is a well-trained team of professionals, whose purpose is planning for and responding to agricultural incidents within the state of Kansas. This includes volunteers and agencies from many different backgrounds, possessing a wide range of proficiencies. Read More

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Kansas Senate passes bill to have firearms safety training in schools

"National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program: The bill would require the Kansas State Board of Education to create curriculum guidelines for a gun safety education program. Local school boards would have the option to teach it in their district."Read More

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Prepping for a possibility of survival challenges

"Once referred to as survivalism, the prepper movement is a social movement of individuals or groups of people who proactively prepare for anything that can happen, any kind of emergency, from natural disasters, to social, political or economic disruptions. Those who proactively prepare for any kind of disruption work to anticipate both short-term and long-term disaster scenarios, which could impact them and their families." Read More

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How To Survive Living In Tornado Alley

Podcast on surviving living in Tornado AlleyRead More

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When disaster strikes: preparedness for seniors and people with disabilities

Read More

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Kansas lawmakers want to challenge a COVID-19 vaccine policy that doesn't exist yet

Kansas Republicans are pushing back ahead of a federal vaccine policy that would require private employers to mandate vaccinations fore employeesRead More

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