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One of our members has created an incredibly impressive news congregation website which can be found @ thepatriot.pressRead More

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Perversion Being Taught In American Classrooms: Comprehensive Sexual Education

Did you know there is a standardized curriculum that involves teaching children about anal sex and transgenderism being implemented in public schools throughout the country?Read More

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People's Rights Is Now On The Telegram App

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Censored Research Materials Library w/ Websites, Documentaries, Journalists, and Book List.

In these times of incredible censorship, it's becoming much harder to find relevant information, as well as share and distribute that information. Here you will find research materials and platforms aside from more known and mainstream sources such as YouTube an Twitter. You are all welcomed, invited, and encouraged to also post and share relevant information in the People's Right's Newsroom. This list will continually be updated so check back often.Read More

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Plandemic 1 and Plandemic 2 links

Plandemic 1 and Plandemic 2 are two of the most important documentaries of our time. Both movies do a phenomenal job of covering the who, what, when, where, how, and the why regarding the forces pushing the Covid agenda. These works have been censored and banned from countless media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. I urge all patriots to watch and share these incredible films. Links below: Plandemic 1- Plandemic 2- More

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