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200 Police officers, 40 police vehicles & helicopter swarm Canadian church

Remember to unite with your neighbors and all local groups available! This is the WA state channel but the goal is for your local groups to be more active than anything else. Connect with locals and exchange phone numbers, meet regularly and develop relationships you would be willing to defend and protect. People will rarely defend the rights of a stranger and will only sometimes defends the rights of a friend. So connect until your group becomes a family worth fighting for. You won’t regret the investment! ❤️ Read More

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We DEFINITELY have a serious problem, folks! Ammon Bundy, erroneously charged with trespassing the Idaho State Caipitol, then vindicated of the charges was subsequently arrested by Governor Little's personal security sergeant. Ammon questioned the security sergeant by what authority he had to rightfully detain him. The security sergeant informed Ammon that he doesn't NEED authority. Read More

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Join 1 million+ and growing concerned individuals. Read / Sign the Great Barrington Declaration to fight the enslaving & harmful Covid 19 measures being implemented

Join infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists - 3/4 million concerned citizens, 13,000+ Medical & Public Health Scientists, 42,000+ Medical Practitioners who have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and who recommend an approach which they call Focused Protection. Read More

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Ammon Bundy - Rally against tyranny at Ada County Courthouse

Ada county court, Idaho, lied on record - Refused Ammon entrance into the courthouse for his scheduled hearing, then a judge signed warrant & arrested Ammon for "Failure To Appear" - violating the U.S. Constitution and breaking the law they're supposed to uphold. Will the district attorney hold them accountable & prosecute them for their crime? Read More

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INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO: Pastor Orders Police Out of His Church - and the police LEFT!

Cold blooded gestapo police officers ("only doing their duty") enter a Polish church during Passover service to shut the church down were met with a true fire & brimstone reception by the pastor.Read More

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Washington State People's Rights Clark County Update: No warrants have been signed for the supporter of Gayle Meyer yet. Keep you posted.

This is not unusual. Sometimes the judge & attorneys wait to see how much "reinforcement" we have before deciding to do anything. Maybe this is the case. Who knows?Read More

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Warrants have been signed by Clark County Sheriffs dept. for the arrest of 3 People's Rights members & 16 yr-old protesting medical kidnapping

We are in the midst of global crimes against humanity - our families, loved ones & the most vulnerable.Read More

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Washington State People's Rights network taking a stand at: CLARK COUNTY COURTHOUSE, MONDAY 3/29 @4PM

The false charges are criminal trespass in the first degree and interfering with a medical facility. If the judge signs the warrants, they face up to 2 years in prison and thousands in fines. Read More

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Warrants have been signed by Clark County Sheriffs department, for the arrest of People's Rights members protesting medical kidnapping

They are going full speed at these innocent Clark County residents. Latest news is these covid tests cause cancer as well.Read More

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ALL Passengers Exit Airline When Child Not Wearing A Mask Is Ordered Off The Plane

THIS is how we end this nonsense.Read More

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