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IS THERE A "THING" IN THE VACCINE? WATCH these two videos & you decide. The evidence by one professor is compelling!

Dr. Carrie Madej and a Polish professor examine several vials of Covid vaccines which contain organisms obviously self aware and having tentacles, eggs which appear to hatch being exposed to the graphene oxide in the so-called vaccine.Read More

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Everyone Battling "Vax Mandate" Should Take Heed To This

It seems anyone facing the ILLEGAL 'mandate' to this toxic jab should use this attorney's rant to her daughter's school board as a template for their own defense. BEST I'VE SEEN YET.Read More

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$90,000 Fine Doesn't Stop Defiant Snohomish Barber

Bob Martin appealed a state penalty for ignoring coronavirus rules and lost. It has not cut into his business. Perfect example of "Claim, Use, Defend".Read More

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CALL TO ACTION: CPS (Child Protective Services) Using Powers of The State To Legally Kidnap 6 Children

While dad is at work, five children sneak outside while mom takes time out with youngest baby. Instead of alerting the mom, a not-so-neighborly neighbor calls police sparking a 2 year nightmare with CPS kidnapping their entire family of children. Read More

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ALERT! SCIENTIFIC PROOF Covid Shots Are Mass Poisoning. Government Minions Are Going Door-To-Door To Get Us To Take Them.

PROOF these shots ("vaccines") are meant to kill. Stew Peters interviews Dr Jane Ruby who explains magnetofection & reason for it. EXPLOSIVE Interview with Dr. Carrie Madej exposes the final plan of the globalists, mind and memory manipulation, the ability to “download” data and re-write the brain.Read More

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VIDEO: Ammon Bundy announces run for Governor of Idaho

For more information Ammon Bundy for Idaho Governor: Read More

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Below is a brief narrative. For full details & updates one can access the link below but it is on Telegram Messenger so you will need to sign up for Telegram which is advisable because a LOT of People's Rights networks use Telegram now & it's a GREAT way to stay informed of People's Rights activities throughout the nation & lots of valuable information.Read More

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Exclusive Interview with Ammon Bundy - Republican Gubernatorial Candidate in 2022!

Read More

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Ammon Bundy Files Paperwork To Run For Governor of Idaho…Left Goes Bonkers

Much to the dismay of the Left, Ammon Bundy, son of America’s most famous cattle rancher, Cliven Bundy, filed the paperwork to run for governor in Idaho today with the Idaho Secretary of State.Read More

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200 Police officers, 40 police vehicles & helicopter swarm Canadian church

Remember to unite with your neighbors and all local groups available! This is the WA state channel but the goal is for your local groups to be more active than anything else. Connect with locals and exchange phone numbers, meet regularly and develop relationships you would be willing to defend and protect. People will rarely defend the rights of a stranger and will only sometimes defends the rights of a friend. So connect until your group becomes a family worth fighting for. You won’t regret the investment! ❤️ Read More

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