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Aftermath of Ammon Bundy’s arrest at Ada Courthouse

Will YOU stand for your neighbors, or are you a rubbernecker? Be honest with yourself....Read More

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Ammon Bundy & Aaron Schmidt Arrested at Ada County

Credit North Idaho Exposed & Bowermaster Productions on YouTube Read More

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Open Letter to all LEO & "Elected" who claim to be Christian

With an ironic twist, James reminds his readers that the wealthy, powerful people to whom we often show deference do not always treat us well. Those many judged as “noble” actually expose church members to exploitation, arrests, court hearings, fines and blasphemies against Jesus Christ.Read More

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Joshua Martinez KIDNAPPED in a State/Fed collab

Rights Auditor in NV is stalked and harassed, and now KIDNAPPED by a state/fed sanctioned terrorist! Read More

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Buy People's Rights Schwag = Donating to fighting mask mandate discrimination!

rock cool People's Rights T shirts and hoodies, and support the lawsuits against mask mandates: 2 birds one stone!Read More

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NC Citizens Non-Violently force their City Council to Backdown on Mandates

When told they had to wear a mask to participate in the meeting, they refused, and the City Council and local police backed down in front of the angry crowd. This is the kind of action it is going to take across the country to stop medical tyranny.Read More

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Is it "really" the Beast, or are they mocking us?Read More

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