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Shauna Cox Teaches Us on Committees of Safety

Shauna Cox will teach on Committees of Safety, their Role in the American Revolution and why they are even more important todayRead More

Info May 17, 2021 Share (Alt)

Area 1 Potluck

Join us for a potluck at Blue Hole Regional Park at Wimberley on, April Saturday 17th, 1:00 pm -4:00 pm. Come early and take advantage of all the Blue Hole Regional Park has to offer. Feel free to invite your friends and family. Come have a great time and meet the people in your network that will have your back when the going gets tough.Read More

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Ammon Bundy Arrested!!

Our founder, Ammon Bundy, and a handful of other patriots were arrested outside of a courthouse in Idaho for refusing to wear a mask and not being allowed into his own trial. Read More

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World Wide Demonstration For Freedom March 20,2021

It started in Kassel, Germany and is spreading through the world... a World-Wide Demonstration for Freedom, Peace, and Democracy will take place in many countries all over the world. We will reclaim our fundamental rights, and take a stand against excessive Coronavirus restriction measures.Read More

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March Calendar of Classes

These Zoom Classes are available for you to learn needed skills that will help you stand for your rights and be prepared when times are challenging.Read More

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Knowing, Using, and Defending Your Rights

Randy Kelton of Rule Of Law Radio spends his time teaching others how to defend their rights! Now he is going to share these principles with us!Read More

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Creating a Food Storage Planner

How many times have you needed one important item for a meal and had to run out at the last minute to get it? That might not always be possible!Read More

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Let's HAM IT UP! on Thursday. March 18th

Back by popular request! Read More

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Being Prepared for Emergency Cooking With No Electricity- Prepare NOW for the next ice storm!

Roxie Ooten has spent years honing her preparation skills, and can now cook delicious meals without a speck of Electricity! Join us as she shows the tricks that will help your family survive and thrive even with a power outage. Read More

Event Feb 4, 2021 Feb 19, 2021 Share (Alt)

News Anchor Suggests Drone Strikes On Trump Supporters

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace has suggested that our federal government should kill American citizens for inciting terrorism, including by sentencing Donald Trump to death for rallying his MAGA protestors to swarm the United States Capitol in early 2021. Read More

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