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WA Area 4 meeting locations and telegram links

Please connect with your neighbors by attending a town hall meeting and following on telegram! Read More

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WA Area 4 meeting info, Inslee protest links, telegram county links

Lots going on this week in area 4 (Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania, Klickitat) Read More

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WA State: 3 rallies and court hearings this week for small businesses defying Inslee's orders!

We have a full week ahead and need all hands on deck in WA areas 2 and 4 for these three very important court hearings. Read More

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Rally in Thurston County for Farm Boy and Spiffys

Thurston County Rally tomorrow! Read More

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Area 4 weekly updates and meetings

Please look below to find your county and connect with your neighbors!!! Read More

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Statewide call to action: Weekend peaceful protest at Gov. Inslee residence Bainbridge Island

Join us for 3 days of protest at Gov. Jay Inslee's residence. This is called, 'The Grinch who tried to steal Christmas'. We will sing, we will worship, we will protest, we will assemble, we will eat, we will smile and we will speak TRUTH in a time of constant lies! Join US!!!! Read More

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WA Gov. Inslee fines restaurant an egregious $67,473 for feeding their customers!

Businesses are opening, and the executive branch is losing their head, and using threats of force to gain compliance. Read More

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COVID-19 press release sent by Sheriff Songer

To all citizens of Klickitat County, as your Sheriff my position has not changed in regards to the enforcement of Governor Inslee's Illegal and Unconstitutional orders in regards to COVID-19. Read More

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Report suffrage in the State of Idaho

If you are denied the right to vote, info in this article to explain how to report it.Read More

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Call to action after Coeur d'Alene City Council votes to mandate masks

Days after Kootenai County rescindned the mandatory mask mandate, the City of Coeur d'Alene voted in a new mandateRead More

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