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Aug 31st BROADCAST continuation “My Body, My Choice!” NO JAB! Stop Medical Mandates in El Paso County

Follow up, specific actions you can do in order to stand with or without others in your workplace or school to protect your right to choose.Read More

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Stop Medical Mandates in El Paso County Employees & Students know the law and stand together

People’s Rights is about being ready to stand when unalienable Rights are violated. We have suggested plans in place to be more prepared. Read the Area Actions articles.Read More

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Ammon Bundy and People’s

Ammon Bundy discusses People’s with Citizen Reporter rkymtngrl. Unite with your neighbors. Together each of us will use, defend and claim our inalienable rights nationwide🇺🇸 and in Canada🇨🇦!Read More

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Are you truly protected?

Don’t wait until authorities show up to handcuff you and take you away.Read More

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Constitutional Seminar by David Justice

Introduction to the Constitution. David will present the solid Biblical and historical foundations and principles upon which the Constitutionrests. Read More

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What to Do When Someone Needs or Asks for Assistance in Defending Their Rights

People's Rights is a network of united neighbors assisting each other in defending their rights. The network is growing and more people are uniting daily. So, what do we actually need to do when someone needs or asks for help? This article should help you know what to do and the steps you should take to assist your neighbor. Read More

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What the People's Rights System Should be Used for and What it Should Not be Used for

The People's Rights System is designed to help unify neighbors in the defense of an individual's rights. It is not designed to be a tool for political activism or to be used to promote efforts that influence a political agenda. The People's Rights Network is a free association of individual people that have committed to defend each others rights. The People's Rights System should only be used to promote neighbor unity, preparation and to inform neighbors when a person's rights are being damaged or clearly about to be damaged. The People's Rights Network should be activated when a person's rights are directly being threatened.Read More

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Suggestions to what People in an Area Should be Doing

People's Rights is a network of neighbors united to defend each other's rights. Read More

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Incident in Vancouver WA Gayle and Satin Meyer 28-29 Jan 2021

People’s Rights SOS used, positive eventual results, become prepared in your communities today.Read More

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“A resolution reasserting the rights of the Town of Monument and its residents and condemning the unconstitutional limitations imposed upon their freedoms by the governor of Colorado.”

The resolution states it is up to business owners and individuals to be responsible for evaluating their own establishment and their capacity to safely accept patrons.Read More

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