2023 Montana Legislative Session ("MLS")

The 2023 MLS is here and this thread of articles is intended to help you navigate the session to achieve your MLS goals.

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Pro Life Bill

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Tomorrow Tuesday, 1/17/23 at 9 am, there will be a hearing for a crucial prolife bill SB 154, sponsored by champion Senator Keith Regier. Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee (contact information below) by email, through the legislature website, etc and ask them to VOTE YES! Testify in person if possible.

Here you can read the language of SB 154 that clarifies and codifies that the individual right to privacy in the Montana Constitution does not include the right to abortion:

And here is the language in the Montana Constitution. If you have followed the abortion advocates and their “legal” council, you know that the fact that the Constitution speaks of individual rights is ignored, and the general concept of privacy desired by all is used as a smoke screen. Montana Constitution, Article II, Section 10. Right of privacy. (

General categories of arguments for this bill include but are not limited to:

1. The Montana Constitution individual right to privacy should not pertain to a woman with child in the womb because pregnancy involves two persons with individual rights that would obviously be in conflict if one individual chose to destroy the other individual.

2. Legal rights to privacy could never reasonably involve the right to hurt another person.

3. Many of the arguments we have used over the years for the Personhood of the Unborn would pertain here because there are two individual persons in a pregnancy.

click here to leave a VOTE YES message with as many as 1250 characters to the entire committee. Typically, you only have to sign in once per legislative session with your contact information. After you enter that, scroll down and pick the category of entire Senate Judiciary committee to send them all the same message and/or send individual messages such as thanking Senator Regier for sponsoring the bill…thanking Senator Judiciary members Usher, Brown, Friedel, Hinebauch and Manzella for always voting prolife and encouraging freshman Senator Emrich to do likewise.


Keith Regier (R) Chair;

Barry Usher (R) Vice Chair;

Jen Gross (D) Vice Chair;

Bob Brown (R);

Daniel Emrich (R);

Chris Friedel (R);

Steve Hinebauch (R);

Kathy Kelker (D);

Theresa Manzella (R);

Andrea Olsen (D);

Susan Webber (D);;;;;;;;;;

First published by Dr. Annie Bukacek, MD.


MLS Hearing Schedule January 9-13

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Follow the link below to see all scheduled hearings for the week of January 9-13.

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