Above Majestic - Full Movie (A Must Watch Red Pill Documentary)

Is there a Secret Space Program? Join David Wilcock in this stunning disclosure of the truth. Never before has so much information been packed into a single Hollywood film.

On September 10th, 2001, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced that $2.3 trillion dollars could not be accounted for within Department of Defense expenditures.  The very next day the Pentagon’s budget analyst’s office was destroyed in the 9/11 attack. The mystery remains: Where are the missing trillions? Above Majestic is a shocking and provocative look at what it would take to hide a multi-trillion-dollar Secret Space Program (a clandestine group of elite military and corporate figureheads charged with reverse-engineering extraterrestrial technology also known as “Majestic 12”) from the public and the implications this would have for humanity. Viewers will be guided through take a deep dive into the origins, technologies, history, cover ups, conspiracies, testimony and research that goes beyond and Above Majestic.  Featuring some the most prominent and prolific authors, researchers, whistle-blowers and disseminators in the movement for Truth and Full Disclosure. This includes David Wilcock, Corey Goode, John Desouza, William Tompkins, David Adair, Laura Eisenhower, Niara Isley, and Jordan Sather. David's OFFICIAL Patreon site:

For those who haven't viewed this video, it's NOT just a movie about the SSP (Secret Space Program).   Watch to the end & you'll see the relevance.


Phil's 1996 Conference Before His Assassination. HEAR what he warned the NWO & Aliens WERE doing THEN, plan to do & are NOW doing! WAKE UP!

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Philip Schneider lectured on when he was employed  by Morrison-Knudsen, Inc. He was involved in building an addition to the deep underground military base at Dulce, New Mexico in 1979. The project had drilled four holes in the desert that were to be linked together with tunnels. Philip's job was to go down the holes, check rock samples, and recommend the explosives to deal with the rock type. The workers accidentally opened a large cavern, a secret base for the aliens known as Grays. In the panic that occurred, sixty-seven workers and military personnel were killed, with Philip Schneider being one of only three people to survive. Philip Schneider was found dead two years after his public lecturing.

The human trafficking was going on THEN - our cabal governments agreement to provide humans to the aliens.  It is said that the illegal aliens flooding into this country are bussed to one of the D.U.M.B.'s & never seen again.  Do the research.  I can't speak for anyone else but someone risking their life or assassinated for divulging that information has my full attention.


Additional information & history that ties into information provided in Above Majestic - warning - some may be disturbing

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This video of Phil's seminar was filmed in the 90's yet Phil warns us that the cabal elite was planning on killing most of the human population with a virus, toxins at every turn, food scarcity while they go into their D.U.M.B's -  video just below - filmed in the 80's & just one of hundreds of D.U.M.B's - built with OUR tax $ ONLY for the maniacal psychopaths to live comfortably - leaving us above ground to endure the devastation they're creating.  The chemtrails, the train wrecks spewing & spilling toxic chemicals in our water, our air, killing our live stock, poisoning our food:

Although some of this information may be news to some people, not everyone is aware of it & may have been introduced to it years ago but dismissed it if it was fforeign to them as it is to some people.  

Some information in at least one video may not be suitable for children.  You decide.  Either way,  I pray you glean valuable knowledge from this information as to the global insanity swirling around us all.  This is not to frighten but to enlighten and help be informed.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge 

Granted this scripture is pertaining to the Israelites disobedience to Yah's Torah but does double duty in reminding us the importance of His people staying informed in the end time events of today's world.

The information contained in the articles below will be received well by those who've taken the time to do the research themselves to form their own opinion. Others simply label us as "conspiracy theorists" - a phrase coined by the cabal to discredit us. It is an honor to be labeled such. Truth be known . . . a number of individuals in these videos are no longer with us because they were brave enough to share the facts, documentation & personal experience in order to be the change they want to see in the world. Before passing judgment, remember the old saying, "They only go after those they fear". Censorship is a powerful weapon which, to me, validates the information "they" are attempting to suppress - the way Satan has tried to suppress the Word and Truth of our Creator yet, still reigns supreme to this day.

Phil Schneider (in video below) & a few Delta force soldiers had a personal encounter with alien grays in one of the D.U.M.B.'s which Phil lost two fingers & the soldiers lost their lives. Later, Phil attended a meeting at the U.N. but walked out when he saw 2 alien grays were heading the meeting. He never returned to his $17,000 a month job as a geological engineer building the D.U.M.B.'s to even pick up his last pay check. He spent the rest of his life traveling the world giving lectures & sharing documentation he had of the existence of these beings and their relationship with the world's governments.  Phil even warned people about the alien grays having power over the U.N. & all the governments in the world as well as their plans to kill the majority of the popluation with a  virus & enslaving the rest of us.  He also spoke of the treaty our governments & the U.N. signed with the alien grays which much technology was given to us &, in trade, the millions of people which disappear (today known as human "trafficking") each year are use as "payment" to these aliens and, sometimes, demons.  Sadly, revealing this to us in an attempt to save us, this cost Phil his life.

 William (Bill) Cooper, in separate video about EBE's in separate video below - Naval Intellience officer, witnessed, experienced & had much first hand information along the same lines as Phil although there's no indication they ever met each other. His video of an EBE "extraterrestial biological entity" is below.  Bill also spent many years traveling the country sharing his experiences and documentation of the connection with EBE's and the world's governments in order to warn people. He predicted 9/11 on his short wave radio show The Hour of The Time & was also assassinated. For some real digging, watch his video, Behold A Pale Horse:

Behold A Pale Horse is also a best seller book and purportedly the most shoplifted book from Barnes & Noble.

I have other RECENT videos by Mike Adams (Health Ranger) & David Wilcock to share on the current global situation - after you've had time to 'digest'  this information & give you, hopefully, time to do some research on your own.  Certainly & prayerfully there are many of you who are already familiar with Bill Cooper, Phil Schneider & the maniacal NWO's alien agenda to enslave those of us who happen to survive the most recent assault on the 99%.  Please, do the research & share with others because knowledge IS power.  THAT'S EXACTLY WHY "they" censor us at every turn & assassinate brave individuals like Bill & Phil & so many others but also why I try to provide information to you guys in hopes to keep you informed.

Luke:26 And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of Man. 

First of all, the Nephilim (the product of the unholy union between man & the fallen angels, demons or aliens).  Sin  was great & God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that He had made man on the earth, and it grieved Him at His heart.

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