American Patriot Randy Weaver Gone But Not Forgotten

Info May 14, 2022
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Randy Weaver the man who’s wife and sons life was brutally stolen from him by the hands of federal agents during the incident known as Ruby Ridge has been reunited with his Family in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Let us not forget the fighting, grieving and suffering this man went through in the pursuit of justice.

Let us not forget the Federal agents that murdered Sammy Weaver. Randy’s 14 year old son and heir to his last name. Who to this day the federal thugs have not faced justice.

Let us not forget the federal agent sniper Lon Horiuchi who murdered Randy’s Wife Vicki Weaver while she was holding her baby in her arms.

Let us not forget the mother murderer Lon Horiuchi never faced justice and to this day walks as a free man.

Let us not forget it was all started over the FBI and a paid snitch entrapping Weaver into buying a shotgun with a barrel length shorter then whatever made up gun regulation the politicians that rape children on Epstein island write.

Let us not forget the lying corporate presses hit pieces on Randy Weaver in order to help justify in the eyes of the public the atrocious actions of the federal governments action..robbing a veteran of his family.

Let us not forget that this happened in the “united States” of America in the supposed freest place on earth.

Randy Weavers memory lives on in our hearts for the fight for our Liberty our Justice our Families, our Culture and our Homeland against the evil federal leviathan.

Here is a link to Randy Weavers website where you can read his books.

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