American Prairie Reserve is a Wallstreet Land Grab Guised as a Conservation Group

Info Mar 1, 2022
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Written by Cato and Brutus,

     Do you ever wonder where these so called “conservation groups” get their money from to spend billions of dollars buying up generational ranches and family farms in Montana?

     The American Prairie Reserve is well known in Montana as one of the entity’s that are systematically depopulating rural agrarian conservative populations and ending generational family farms established by the brave Men that homesteaded the Montana prairie in the 1800’s. The American Prairie Reserve (“APR”) wants you to think that it is a nonprofit “do-gooder” land conservation group dead-set on bringing the buffalo back.

     APR, in its truest form, is a group of New York Wallstreet bankers scamming the people and swallowing up huge swaths of land to increase their land holdings and dominion over the working Montanan. Further, the big money backers of this group, who I will expose later in this writing, have ties with Klaus Schwabs World Economic Forum and other globalists that are dead-set on making sure you’ll own nothing and eat less. Their goal is to eliminate family ranches, local property owners and to, in turn, force all of us to live in densely populated “rat cages” in the city. It’s part of their so called “sustainable development” agenda. It’s a mixture of greed, elitism, and the belief that they are the chosen people vs. ‘us’, the working class; their cattle to be herded and milked of our capital.

     APR is the official public name of the bankster land grab organization, but it is not the name that it banks as or handles financial transactions in. The organization only does business as (DBA’s) American Prairie Reserve. According to AUDITED CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (2018-2019), the actual name of the organization is Montana Prairie Holdings, LLC. On APRs official website, they show a whopping 25 people on the board of directors. However, if you look up the board of governance for Montana Prairie Holdings, LLC there is only 4 members in charge of it. The chief executive officer, Laura Huggins, whose accomplishments seem largely insignificant, was placed as the chief executive to divert attention away from the next three on the list. The three with all the money are as follows: David Coulter who is listed as vice chairman. George Matelich who is listed as the Managing director and Gib Myers who is listed as another vice chairman.

     David Coulters background info: Currently he is managing director and senior advisor of Warburg Pincus, a global private equity firm. Prior to joining Warburg Pincus, he was vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase & Co. Prior to the merger with J.P. Morgan & Co. Incorporated, he was vice chairman of The Chase Manhattan Corporation. He was a partner in the Beacon Group, L.P. (investment banking firm) from January, 2000 to July, 2000, and was chairman and chief executive officer of Bank of America Corporation and Bank of America NT&SA from May, 1996 to October, 1998.[1] Coulter has been a director of PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company since 1996. He also is a director of Metavante Technologies and Strayer Education, Inc.  Also, to be noted, Warburg Pincus is currently the managing director and has ties to Klause schwabs World Economic forum.

     George Matelich background info: George joined Kelso in 1985.  He spent the preceding two years in the Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Finance departments at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb.  He has served as a director of more than 20 former Kelso affiliated companies and as lead director of two public companies.  He is a director of Rx Green Technologies, Square Roots,, and Storefront.  George is also an advisory director of Investco and US WorldMeds. He also owns controlling shares of multiple energy company stocks.

The SEC filings indicate George E Matelich has reported holdings or trades in the following companies:

Security Title Latest Reported Holdings 

US:  SPNT / Siriuspoint Ltd10% Owner 976,403 

US: TEGP / Tallgrass Energy GP, LP10% Owner

 US: KAR / KAR Auction Services Inc10% Owner 

US: CVI / CVR Energy, Inc.Director

US:EGLE / Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.10% Owner

     Gib Myers background info: Is the co-founder of Mayfield Venture capital firm with 2.2 billion dollars under management.  Also, the current Managing Director of Mayfield is Navin Chaddha is a member of Klaus Scwabs World Economic Forum.

     As you can see the American Prairie Reserve is merely a front organization for Wallstreet Banksters with ties to the globalist anti-American anti-property Rights World Economic Forum. If the American cowboy is to survive the 21st Century, these land-swindling-yuppie-bankster-thieves will have to be run out of this great State. Some things are worth more than money and I call upon the hard-working land owners of Montana to maintain your land holdings.  Do not sell the land beneath your feet and help us preserve, for my family and yours (and all future generations), Montanan’s traditions, culture and legacy.

    **Here is a picture of AUDITED CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2019-2018. NOTE the Montana Prairie Holdings, LLC where the current assets are stated.**

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