Info Mar 5, 2021
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Beginning Immediately:

Due to increasing demand for a time at meetings and presentations on Wednesdays with limited space, we are asking everyone to send requests for meeting time on Thursdays, or ideas for training on Wednesdays to 

We are asking for 2 weeks in ADVANCE with PowerPoint (if incomplete, that is fine, but we need it two days before the meeting.  We cannot trust the internet there so all presentations need to be on the computers used), and notes so that we can gage times.  Our goal is to NOT go over 8 pm and to ensure that we have ample opportunity for Emergent Issues such as the Prostitution Bill, to be presented.  We also want to keep Constitutional Studies going but have not been able to present them for 2 weeks now.

We are also making a calendar for each room in the Clubhouse.  Our goal is to book presentations appropriately so that they are least intrusive and will be fun and interactive for those who attend.

Highlights will not be able to go out tonight, I will get them done tomorrow morning and have them up by the end of the day 3/6.


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