Are you truly protected?

Don’t wait until authorities show up to handcuff you and take you away.

The Peoples Rights movement and organization is all about recruiting your neighbors, family, and friends to unite together to protect and defend your rights. Those of us who have volunteered our time to help facilitate this effort are here to teach about what your rights are and how to use the program set up by Ammon Bundy to defend those rights. As for me, I have a large circle of neighbors, family, and friends to call upon if I ever do need help such as showing up at my house or a courthouse to record any nefarious behavior by local authorities. But I could still do better. I have yet to head over to my next door neighbor’s house to tell them about this, or even to just hand out a PR biz card for them to learn on their own. How about YOU? How are you set for support if you need help?

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