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Info Sep 7, 2021
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Hi Folks!

I hope y'all had a great Labor Day weekend and took advantage of the sales to stock up on supplies. If you're smacking yourself because you didn't, don't worry. Make your shopping list now and get ready for the next big sale day (black Friday!).  ;-)

Nurses Corner:

Our nurses met via phone call with Gov Chicken Little this last week and were greatly disappointed. He apparently didn't like where the conversation was going and left the (virtual) room. No surprise there. The nurses are meeting with Bedke this Wednesday afternoon in St. Anthony, Idaho. Please pray for boldness to speak the Truth and revelation for the nurses to realize they can't bargain with devils. One interesting development is a smaller group of health professionals who are moving on to create a healthcare alternative(s) business. This is still in the beginning stages, so prayers are coveted for wisdom on how to structure a stable and effective business model.

Legal Update:

This week on Thursday (9/09/21), M.W. will be attending a court appearance via zoom. I don't have any details but pray for a quick and fair resolution. 

Here is a video clip from last year of how we stand firm against tyranny in a court of law. It also showcases how the court security flip flops on "rules" to fit their narrative and defy actual law. This clip shows how discriminatory and illegal mask wearing by order of a judge is, and how ludicrous the trespassing charges are.  I think many people assume violence when someone is charged with a crime. This video shows that someone being calm and courteous can have their rights violated by "security" (and yes, the tape is sped up in parts to keep it timely and somewhat entertaining).

Weekly Meetup:

Please join us on Wednesday (9/08/21) at Winstead Park at 6:30pm. A new location is in the works! More details on this later . . . .  For Wednesday, bring your ham radios and snacks to share. Our weekly meetings are fun, informative, and relaxing. Hope to see new faces!

Final Thoughts:

Congratulations to Dr. Cole for his victory in securing a seat at the CDH table. And a big thank you to all of you who called, emailed, and communicated with the county commissioners involved to get Dr. Cole appointed. He has the unenviable task of putting real medicine into practice in an environment of pseudoscience. There is already talk from the local communists to go after his medical license. Maybe it's time to start looking at minimizing the voice of our local communist faction (Reclaim Idaho and Idaho 97%)? Any ideas? Bring them to our table on Wednesday at our weekly meet-up.

All for now!

Sabrina (Area Assistant 4NE)

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