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What a week it’s been! The national events of this week have shown us even more how vital and important uniting with our neighbor is. We must realize the war on our freedoms and liberties is real and this is the time to organize, as neighbors. As far as Idaho, Ada county specifically, we rocked it on Tuesday!! 

Please take a few minutes and look through what’s going on in area 4. We have a lot of great ways we are uniting!

Saturday, November 7th

We would love to spend the day with our area 4 neighbors as we spend the morning helping a fellow neighbor and then head to the Pray For Trump event at the Capital! See detailed information below.......

Our CALL TO ACTION for this Saturday, November 7th will begin at 9:30 am. A fellow Peoples Rights neighbor is needing help putting up a garage structure. Food and drinks will be provided. BRING TOOLS! Specifically, screw guns with a variety of bits, ladder or step stool, and gloves to protect your hands! Any amount of time you are willing to volunteer to help would be so very appreciated. 

Location for November 7th:

5 Alpine Court 

Boise, Idaho 83716 

The Pray for our President event will begin at 1 pm on the steps of the Capital. Diego Rodriguez will be speaking and leading us through prayer for this event. Bring American flags and Trump flags if you feel inclined.

Area 4 Weekly Meetings 

Our area meetings have been so wonderful! We are forming teams and working on connecting and building relationships within these meetings. We would love to see you at these meetings! Here are the teams we have put in place. If you feel your strengths could benefit a team, or if you would like to begin a new team that isn’t on this list we encourage you to! Take a look at what we are building:

*Communications (HAM) team

*Communications (Public Relations) team 

*Communications (Legislative) team

*First Responders (Medical) team

*Security/Weapons team

*Food Network/Preparedness Team

*Home Education team

*Medical Freedom team

*Prayer Warriors team

*Off the Grid team 

*Handyman team 

Our home education team has a mewe page and would like to invite you! Please see the message below

Hello Area 4: After Wednesday’s meeting, we broke into groups to try and provide services to fellow members. I am a part of the home education group, and we have set up a MeWe page as a place to get our group off the ground. If you are interested in being a part of our homeschooling group, please consider joining us! Here's the link to the group:

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 11th starting at 6:30 pm. We will be at a new location! 


3070 S Terra Dr

Boise, ID 83709

Area 4 Potluck

Our monthly potluck will be on Saturday, November 14th from 1-5 pm. This will be an indoor location. This event is simply a fun time to connect and get to know each other. Please bring a lawn chair and a food dish. Since it’s so close to Thanksgiving let’s call it a Friendsgiving! Any type of Thanksgiving food dishes welcome! 


3070 S Terra Dr

Boise, ID 83709

Area 4 Telegram Chat Group

We have set up an area 4 telegram chat group for all who are interested in communicating with fellow neighbors. This is a place to share ideas or information but please be aware, this is not a place to share memes or clog up the chat group. Use discernment so people aren’t having to go through hundreds of text chats every day. If you are not on telegram please download the app to your phone, create an account, and join the group using this invite link:

Upcoming Events 

Saturday, November 7th- Lets help a neighbor in need! Food and drinks are provided but bring tools specifically screw guns with a variety of bits, ladder or step stool, and gloves! This event will begin at 9:30 am! See address above. Next, we will head on over to the Capital where we will be in prayer for our president and the state of our country. If you need to carpool please contact an area assistant. 

Area 4 Meeting-please join us for our weekly meeting at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, November 11th. Get plugged into a team and start connecting! See address above. 

Area 4 Potluck- Don’t forget about our November potluck on Saturday, November 14th from 1-5 pm. Bring a food dish (Thanksgiving friendly) and a chair. See above for address. 

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