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Another week fighting tyranny in area 4! Who knows what our new "mandates" will be from day to day. We are thankful we have all of you fighting the good fight with us! Please take a couple of minutes to review what's happening this week in Area 4.

McClean Black Friday Night Event + Christmas Caroling Sunday

You know your doing something right when McClean heads to her social media platform to say how inconvenienced she is with people standing outside her home in protest of her new mandates. Funny, we all feel pretty inconvenienced when we are being told we can't inhale fresh air or else we will be snitched on. In honor of Black Friday let's make a night of it and head down to McClean's house for a little Black Friday event of our own. Let's sing festive songs like "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" maybe even bring some footballs and soccer balls for the family to play in the street with. Let's order a pizza and enjoy it while under the light of tiki torches. Have a small two man tent? We can pitch in on a PUBLIC grassy area right next to her home for anyone to get out of the elements and warm up. Plan on meeting from 4:30- 7 pm at 1320 N 10th Street, Boise, ID. 

Let's keep the party going on Sunday. This time hymns celebrating our Savior! The fun will begin at 7 pm. Same place, McClean's house, 1320 N 10th Street, Boise, ID. Please see the list of songs along with links for the lyrics that you can print out and bring with you:

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear     it came upon a midnight clear lyrics - Bing 

Be sure to dress warm both evenings and invite a friend or family member who also doesn't agree with tyranny! See you there!

Gun Handling Class 

Please join us Saturday, November 28th at 3 pm for a gun handling class. This is a basic level class. All are welcome though! 3070 S Terra Drive, Boise, Idaho 83709. 

Clog The Line

If you haven't heard, Clog the Line is getting the media's attention for it being used as something other than a snitch line! WHOOHOO! We don't agree with snitching on other people, or small businesses, because they choose to breathe fresh air. Honestly, we can't even believe we are typing this right now! Take a few minutes each day and call these numbers to continue to clog the line. Let them know you don't agree with using tax payer money to fund a snitch line or just speak from your heart and let them know how you feel. Sometimes you might get an actual person and sometimes it might direct you to an answering machine. Be sure to leave a message! Feel free to call both numbers. City Clerk's Office 208-608-7040 and the non emergency dispatch office 208-377-6790. Happy dialing! 

AREA 4 Weekly Meetings

Please join us for our weekly area 4 meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:30 pm. This is a chance to get into teams and discuss how we can help our neighbors learn a skill by having classes or anything that your team may feel is important to help our area 4 community. Between the HAM radio team and Homeschool team, and everything else in-between, we are growing a community where we learn from each other and we grow together. Something the government would never approve of. Doesn't that make you want you to get involved even more? 3070 S Terra Drive, Boise, Idaho 83709. See you there!

Non Mask Friendly Businesses

It’s time to start making a master list for all businesses who are NOT making people wear face masks in their store. We have got to start supporting those who are fighting back! If you know of a local business who still believes in allowing the individual to make their own decisions please contact an area assistant. 

As always, lots going on! It sure feels great watching this community grow. We hope to see you at these upcoming events. 

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