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Thank you to all who helped a fellow neighbor put up his garage last Saturday! Bill and his wife are very grateful and wanted to make sure we passed the message along to all! 

Lots going on in area 4 this up coming week! Be sure to write down all upcoming events. If you ever have any questions please feel free to contact an area assistant. 

CALL TO ACTION- Let's Talk About 5G

We are facing some serious radiation poisoning here in the Treasure Valley. The Boise Mayor continues to say "Our hands are tied, there is nothing we can do" and "We are meeting FCC guidelines." Both of which are false. All we want to do is educate her and the City Council on the legal facts but they refuse to talk. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOUR HELP! Here is how you can get involved.

1. For more information regarding the dangers of 5G please visit

2. The 5G case will be heard by the City Council on Tuesday, November 17th at 6 pm. This meeting will take place at Boise City Hall on the 3rd floor in the Maryanne Jordan Council Chambers. This may be our only opportunity to get in front of the council and educate them about their misconceptions regarding FCC law. Most importantly, WE NEED AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE TO SHOW UP TO THIS MEETING!! We will not make progress in this fight unless we get a strong turn out at this meeting. This may be our last chance. We need you to show up to the meeting and bring signs stating you do not consent to 5G! They must understand the gravity of this situation.

3. Send a very brief email to the City Council members with one of the attached questions. The goal here is to bring to their attention the fact that they do have legal rights in regards to the placement of wireless antennas. The more emails they get, the more they will pay attention. Just pick on of the questions below and email to the addresses listed. 

Questions (pick one)

Boise City residents have requested countless meetings with the Mayor, legal counsel and Council Members to discuss the 5G rollout. Why do you continue to ignore this request? 

Boise City Council members met with representatives of Verizon Wireless on August 31st at the request of Verizon. When will you allow due process to your constituents and grant equal time for a conversation with Boise residents? Why is Verizon more important than the people you serve? 

Do you feel it is ok to continue to collaborate with the Industry yet ignore the people who are impacted by their product? 

Do you understand that numerous other communities have listened to their citizens and LEGALLY put setbacks into place? (Please see Whitefish Ordinance No. 10-09, Petaluma Wireless Ordinance, Calabasas, Los Altos, and many others.

Are you aware that the industry has been misinterpreting the law to benefit their bottom line for the past 25 years and are giving you false information? 

Did you know that the hundreds of approved WCF applications in Boise fail to meet Boise City Development Code requirements? 

Send emails to

4. If you are in a position to do so, consider donating to the 5G fight. NO matter what happens on November 17th, we need to hire a lawyer to get us to the next step. You can go here to do so: 


Brad Little has announced another Covid press conference this Friday, November 13th. Just the date alone for his conference sounds scary! With all the other states going back into stricter lockdown what will Brad do? It's vital we show him THE PEOPLE are paying attention to his every word! WE NEED YOU to be a body at the Capital tomorrow during his presser and make some noise! Bring your singing voices as we sing patriotic songs and any noise makers you may have as well! If he wont voluntarily listen to his constituents then we will force him to! Meet on the Capital steps at 12:30 pm. See you there!


Building and growing takes time and effort. Ours weekly meetings are a great way to get involved, meet your neighbors, and start learning how to claim, use, and defend. 

We have a special guest speaker, Kirk Pendegrass from Kirk's Law Corner LLC. coming to help us understand our rights, as citizens, as we navigate tyrannical businesses and beyond. This will be a great time to ask questions as well. 

We continue to grow our teams! We have the first responders team planning an upcoming class and a gun handling class for beginners in the works as well. As soon as these ties are set we will be sure to share that information via text. 

Here's an update on the teams we have set in place. Your time and strengths are very much welcome and appreciated on a team and at these meetings. 

*Communications (HAM) Team 

*Communications (Public Relations) Team

*Communications (Legislative) Team

*First Responders (Medical) Team

*Security/Weapons Team

*Food Network/Preparedness Team

*Home Education Team

*Medical Freedom Team

*Prayer Warrior Team

*Off the Grid Team

*Handyman Team

*Uniting Neighbors Team

*Activism Team

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm 


3070 S Terra Dr

Boise, ID 83709


We will be CANCELLING our potluck planned for THIS SATURDAY, November 14th, and instead will plan for Saturday, November 21st from 1-5 pm. We will be having a Friendsgiving so bring a festive holiday dish and a lawn chair! We are looking forward to celebrating friendship with you all!


3070 S Terra Dr

Boise, ID 83709


CALL TO ACTION- Meet at the steps of the Capital building at 12:30 pm Friday, November 13th for Brad Little's presser. If you feel called, bring noise makers!

RALLY FOR TRUMP- This Saturday, November 14th starting at 12 pm on the Capital steps. There will be guest speakers. Bring your flags and join the fun!

AREA 4 WEEKLY MEETING- Will be taking place on Wednesday, November 18th at 6:30 pm. We will have special guest Kirk Pendegrass discussing legal aspects and our freedoms. We will also be breaking out into our teams as well. Please see above for location 

CALL TO ACTION- 5G hearing will be Tuesday, November 17th at 6 pm. Please show your presence during this hearing. You have no idea what someone's presence can do at these meetings! Be sure to send an email to all council memebers as well!

AREA 4 POTLUCK- Join us Saturday, November 21st from 1-5 pm. Bring a festive food dish and a chair. Please see above for location. 

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