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What a whirlwind! Does it seem like its something new every day and it's hard to keep up? Let alone keep your head above water? We are all feeling it right now. Every time you look around another liberty is being taken away, and in a sense, we feel a little helpless. In those moments connecting with our Heavenly Father in prayer is the most powerful thing we can do! The spiritual battle is just as intense as the one we are witnessing on earth. 

Please take a few minutes to read through what is happening in area 4. We are happy you are with us!


Come and enjoy an afternoon with our neighbors celebrating an early Thanksgiving together. This coming Saturday, November 21st from 1-5 pm. Bring a lawn chair, a festive side dish, and the family. Meet and mingle with neighbors you may already know and meet new neighbors as well! These potlucks are a time for us to connect and enjoy each others company. The power of connection is so important, especially in times where we feel so isolated and alone for simply being passionate about defending our freedoms and liberties. Looking forward to seeing you there!


3070 S Terra Dr

Boise, ID 83709


AREA 4 Weekly Meetings

We are really excited about our weekly meetings as area 4. It's been so wonderful to see each other weekly and connect. With anything, getting it up and running always takes time and has learning curves. As our teams start to connect more there are some great classes, information, and more that our teams are working on. We will  NOT meet Wednesday, November 25th due to Thanksgiving on Thursday. We are looking forward to our next meeting on Wednesday, December 2nd at 6:30 pm. We would love to see these meetings grow, become stronger, and deeper connections made. If you have a strength in a specific area or even just want to challenge yourself to learn and grow in a certain area please consider joining us and being part of a team. This only works if we have THE PEOPLE there to make it work. See you in December for our weekly meeting! 

Presidential Election Outcome

As we all are aware. We just witnessed the most blatant voter fraud in the history of our country. Regardless of where you lie politically, if election fraud is allowed to be overlooked, we can kiss the constitution and any sort of freedoms we had completely goodbye. What can we do to help? Please consider contacting GOP legislative leaders in key battleground states and demand there is NO CERTIFYING until an audit of the election has been done. Every call or email matters! Let's let them know it's not just their state that is watching them but the entire country! Please visit for contact information.

With this, it's very important we also call our Idaho reps to remind them the importance of not bending the knee on this election. Jim Risch has already made mention of making sure Idaho has a smooth transition to a Biden administration. The election CANNOT be called by the media and our reps CANNOT  go along with it like they do! Call Mr. Risch and remind him that the election has NOT been decided 208-342-7985

Mayor McLean’s Out Of Control

Have you read McLeans new covid enforcements? Read them here

Are you tired of living in tyranny yet? She is suggesting that people snitch on each other for not complying to her enforcements. People are encouraged to call a non emergency number to snitch. So let’s call and clog up the phone lines with all the reasons why these enforcements are tyrannical! 

Monday, November 23rd we encourage ALL of the 980 area 4 members to call 208-377-6790 and let them know what you think of such enforcements. Let’s clog the line! Happy finger exercising!! 

Upcoming Events

Area 4 Friendsgiving PotluckSaturday, November 21st from 1-5 pm. Bring a festive side dish and the family! See address above. 

Clog the Line- Mayor McLean wants us to snitch, let’s clog the lines in protest instead! Monday, November 23rd call 208-377-6790 in protest of McLeans new covid enforcements! 

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