AREA 9 & 11 People's Rights' Trader's Market

Event Aug 25, 2021
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Here is an Example of what we are doing & wanted to share it with ALL of PR Network in hopes of Area Assistants jump-starting a Market in their Areas. The Idea of this is to begin breaking away from the Matrix Box we've been enslaved into. Build the Community we want to see with our local Neighbors. Take what you like & leave the rest. Make it your own!


JOIN US for our Bi-weekly 


Tuesday, AUGUST 31st @5:30pm *Memorial Park, Caldwell IDAHO

We are very excited to announce the starting of a Farmers Market for our Areas of People's Rights. 

The process of building something independent,self sustainable while being a support network amongst our neighbors. The future if this would be to become a Private Members Association (PMA).

As it stands now, it's an informal market until we see ample growth. By the direction of the tide, this will be something People search for soon. Let's see how it grows.

Several members of the Food Co-op Group expressed the need for distribution and this is our answer!

 If you choose to participate, please arrive early for setup. Be prepared to provide your own supplies,table,chair

Barter & Trade solely preferred.Any cash exchange is private between the two persons.

Farmers Market 5:30- 6:30pm

PR Potluck/Discussion 6:30- 7:30pm

7:30pm HAM RADIO with PAUL

Come get Face time with Your Neighbors, bring a dish to share for Potluck and Join the Market !

If you can Trade it, bring It !

We will be bringing back some education tid-bits SOON including gardening,ham radio/comms and more!

Hope to see you there!

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