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Event Apr 10, 2022
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Hello Neighbors, 

We have some important events coming up. See Below:

Casey Baker's trial is scheduled to start tomorrow at Ada County Courthouse.

He had two felony charges initially of battery on an officer for trying to hold himself upright as law enforcement stormed through the crowd in front of the courthouse on March 15, 2021, without warning (the day that Ammon and Aaron were supposed to start trial but were denied entrance.) Plus 1 Misdemeanor charge of Obstruction. 

Casey Baker is innocent of the things he is accused of. He was a 69 man now 70 with severe symptoms of Parkinsons decease unsteady on his feet. The LE was out of line, yet he is the one who was charged. He deserves to have support tomorrow. Please show up. No Masks Required to enter the building or courtroom. Thank YOU !!

💥APRIL 11th Mon.  8:00AM Court support needed for Casey Baker @Ada County Courthouse  

200 W Front St. Boise ID 

Phone: 208-287-6900

💥💥Upcoming Events💥💥                                                                                                                      

💥APRIL 11th Mon. 8:00AM 

Court support needed for Casey Baker 

@Ada County Courthouse  

200 W Front St. Boise ID 

Phone: 208-287-6900    

                                                                                    💥 April 13th Wed. 8:15AM 

Court support needed for Susan Lang 

@Ada County Courthouse  

200 W Front St. Boise ID Phone: 208-287-6900                                                                             

💥April 13th Wed 6:30pm 

PR Area 4 Bi-Weekly meeting @ Idaho Pizza 6724 N Glenwood St. Boise, ID 

Bring your HAM Radios

💥April 19th Tue. Area 9 &11 

5:30pm Traders Market & Potluck 7pm Meeting @ Memorial Park (619 Irving St, Caldwell) Bring chair & Ham radio

💥April 20th Wed. 6:30pm 

PR Area 4 & Friends chat; virtual Christian Bible study🙏🏻topic: Spiritual warfare. Whether your brand new to the Holy Bible or well versed in the scriptures, lets study the word of God together. (Contact your Area Assistant to be added to chat).   

💥May 6th Sat.1pm Garden Valley Range Day!!!  (Just take 55 make right on Banks Lowman Rd. stay on that road. will be 2 or three miles after Chevron gas station on same, left hand side). Bring eye and ear protection.                                                                                                                        💥Sundays 7:30pm PR Area 4 

Net Primary 145.250 kHz PL Tone 100 -0.6Mhz offset(Maybe Ch 0 in programmed radios                                                                              

💥Wednsdays AmRRON with PR Nets  8pm simplex net (Ch 1 PR programmed 👉8:30 Net w/Repeater linked to any of these frequencies (Ch 8 on programmed PR radio/ Frq 443.300)  (Ch 9. Frq. 443.550) & (Ch.7 Frq146.880)

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