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Research: "The Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention Act" & "Is driving a Right or a Privilege?"

Patrick explains it here:

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Send a letter, Email, or make a phone call to ask 1. The State Licensing Division, 2. The State Attorney General, 3. The State BAR, and/or 4. The American BAR association

Where do I get a license to practice law?

Then comment on this post what answers you received. 

Notes:1. Amicus Curi, 2. McKenzie Friend, 3. Next Friend (Fed. Rule Civ Pro. 17, 28USCA) 4. Retention of Civilian Counsel (32 CFR 150.12), 5. Standby Counsel, 6. Representation through Power of Attorney (Attorney in Fact) 7. US constitutional protection "The state shall not interfere on private contracts" (Article 1 Section 10 United States Constitution)

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