Baby Cyrus Anderson, was forcibly and unjustifiably ripped from mother's arms.
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BABY CYRUS WAS KIDNAPPED!!! to full story here: 

Event Timeline:

1.  Baby Cyrus Anderson taken to hospital because baby had fever and was dehydrated.

2.  Hospital didn't want to release baby because they are a business. (Of course not! "Check please!") Dr. Dykstra threatened to call CPS if the Andersons left early.   The Andersons received permission to leave next day but were required to attend daily weigh ins. 

3.  Baby Cyrus attended 2 weigh ins and was doing great.  Mom became sick and missed 3rd weigh in. She was arrested at midnight and baby Cyrus was kidnapped by Child Protective Services and Meridian Police.

4. As of Sunday morning Baby Cyrus rejects formula as he is breast fed.  Lawyers from the family have been kicked out of the hospital. 

Here's an official link approved by the family to help with the family's enormous expenses, made possible by evil government actors with unlimited funds :   h

To add evil to evil, the mother, the grandfather, Ammon Bundy, Wendy Kay were all arrested by the police without probable or good cause.  

This why People's Rights exists.

What you can do (professionally and without vulgar language or threats of violence):

1. Director at Department of Health and Welfare which directs CPS. 

2.  Call CPS 855-552-5437 

4.  Donate to the official family legal fund at :

Chris Roth claims to work for a Non-Profit organization but is paid over $8.2 Million a year. That's over $3900 per hour. He is suing Ammon Bundy, People's Rights and Baby Cyrus' family for damages that he claims they caused him. This man knew what was happening to Baby Cyrus and continued to allow it to happen without any public word or action against it. 

Note: Baby Cyrus' case was dismissed shorlty after the family got Baby Cyrus back proving that Idaho CPS, St. Luke's, Meridian Police and the Judge were all wrong. 

So yes, Chris Roth is WANTED! He is WANTED by the people to do what is right! 

Plea: Drop the lawsuit against Baby Cyrus' family and Ammon Bundy. Chris Roth you don't need any more money than you already receive. Your organization gets millions of dollars of public funds each year and you personally profit handsomely. (8.2 million annually) 


Baby Cyrus is HOME WITH ALL HIS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!

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Baby Cyrus was returned home today!  It's a miracle! You know who made the miracle happened? YOU!!!  

The pressure was brutal on them.  Patriots from Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Montana and other states heard the call and answered.  People's Rights is a big part of it!

If they do it to you they are doing it to me!  Don't let up!!  There is still a fight.


Go to this link from Baby Cyrus' grandfather, the source!


Baby Cyrus Pray, Protest, Press Conference at 5PM Today March 17th

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PRAYER AND PROTEST TODAY, MARCH 17TH - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
450 W State St, Boise, ID 83702 
1.  Be a Keyboard Warrior - there is a ton you can do from your keyboard.  For example: 
     - Send emails to Health and Wellness and demand that Baby Cyrus go home. These are the emails to the officials and executive staff and Health and Wellness along with the judge:,,,,,, 
     - Go crazy on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more and post the truth and combat the false narratives. 
     - Send emails and messages to your friends, neighbors, and more to get informed about this case. 
2.  Call Health and Welfare - 800-356-9868 (here’s the contact info page:
3.  Help us get media interviews - do whatever you can to get us media coverage.  Contact anybody and everybody who has a platform and have them contact me at 
4.  Make a donation - again, you can make a donation at: 
5.  Stand with us in protest (for those who are local) - we are asking everyone to protest in front of Health and Welfare in Boise from 10:00 am 5:00 pm every day until Baby Cyrus comes home.  
6.  Pray for Baby Cyrus - please do not discount the power of prayer.  That is what has carried our family through up to this point.  And it is the only thing that will sustain us through the end of this nightmare…

Thank you so much for your support and your help!  TODAY we will have our PRESS CONFERENCE at 5:00 pm at Health and Welfare.
PRAYER AND PROTEST TODAY, MARCH 17TH - 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 
450 W State St, Boise, ID 83702


Baby Cyrus' Criminal Actors Being Sought by We the People

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Here are the criminals with a license to kidnap babies from their nursing mothers:

If you know where baby Cyrus is please go here: 

Read this investigative report from Valiant News:

If we let the criminals get away with the abuse perpetrated on this young, beautiful family what responsibility do we carry in all this? Please go here if you know where baby Cyrus is:



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Sara Brady Reports from the Courthouse in ADA County, IDAHO. The state of Idaho keeps custody of Baby Cyrus.  Next hearing April 8.  This is how the state abuses good people and endager the lives of minors in a child trafficking scheme. HIDE YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE GOVERNMENT, POLICE AND CPS! #SaveBabyCyrus 


Latest from Sarah Walton Brady on Baby Cyrus

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posted on her Facebook account on 3/16/2022

Tell me how the baby is in “imminent danger” if you’re just going to hand it off to another unknown adult and send baby home with them?! 
From the families website:
“EMERGENCY UPDATE - Prayer & Protest Tomorrow at Courthouse @ 12:00 pm
We have had some incredible developments today since our last Press Conference! I can’t reveal everything to you right now, but I want to tell you two very specific things. First of all, we have documented evidence that protests outside of the hospital in support of Baby Cyrus worked and are working!
Today, we got a hold of some of Cyrus’s medical records from St. Luke’s. Interestingly enough, they refused to give Levi the medical records from March 1st - March 4th when Cyrus was in the care of St. Luke’s physicians and was discharged with a clean bill of health. It is evident and obvious that they don’t want Levi and Marissa to have access to those records because they would be damning to the prosecution and would contradict any case they try to make that Baby Cyrus was in imminent danger of any sort.
But we did find this interesting admission: “[Baby Cyrus] was brought to the Meridian ED for evaluation. Health and welfare identified a foster family but due to the protesters surrounding the hospital regarding this case, it was felt that discharge with the foster family from the ED was unsafe for all involved. For this reason, the patient was transferred to Boise for further care.”
This literally means that protestors in front of the hospital on the night Baby Cyrus was kidnapped literally prevented Baby Cyrus from being put into the home of strangers where only God knows what could have happened to him! Read it for yourself:
*Medical records shared publicly with the consent and permission of Levi and Marissa Anderson.
THIS IS DEMONSTRABLE EVIDENCE THAT YOUR PROTESTING WORKS!!! So let’s keep it up! Tomorrow the hearing is at 1:00 pm at the Ada County Courthouse (200 W Front St, Boise, ID 83702). Please show up to both PRAY and PROTEST! If the judge doesn’t rule to dismiss this case tomorrow, then Levi and Marissa won’t get another chance for justice for 30 days! 😭 Protesting saved Baby Cyrus last week, and if enough of you show up to blanket him in your prayers and demonstrate your PROTEST for all the world to see—you just might be able to save him again! Please come and support Baby Cyrus tomorrow at 12:00 noon!
Now, there is a second key component to this admission on the part of the hospital, that is 100% damning to their case. Notice it says that "Health and Welfare had already identified a foster family” but decided not to discharge Cyrus with the foster family because they felt it was “unsafe.” Well…their entire case is built around the lie that "Baby Cyrus was soooo sick and malnourished that he needed to be in the care of doctors and medical professionals in the hospital." But this is an absolute lie as they admit in their medical report above that they had already planned on immediately discharging Cyrus with a foster family! So evidently Baby Cyrus was not in any type of medical emergency whatsoever! It was all a lie!
This evidence (and a whole lot more) has come to light in the very short time our legal team has had to prepare. Please keep praying and pushing. And for those who want to know what else you can do, here’s a short list:
1. Show up to pray and protest tomorrow at the Ada County Courthouse at 1:00 pm.
2. Sign the petition: (don’t "chip in" because this money doesn’t go to the family, instead donate below)
3. Make a donation to help with all the expenses:
4. Keep sharing the website:
5. Pray pray pray

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