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He was not there to protest !! 

Casey Baker, a fragile 69 year old man with a severe case of Parkinsons decease with preexisting tremors, balance issues and already a fall risk was in attendance at the Ada County Courthouse in Boise Idaho on March 15th 2021, to support two defendants during their Trial in which they were both denied entry into the building and accessibility to their own trial hearing.

Casey Baker was standing near the doorway, caught in the middle of the sudden Frey of violence orchestrated by Court Marshall's and Ada County Sheriffs who forcibly ambushed the crowd outside, shoving their way through the crowd. Casey Baker, shoved from behind as seen on video by an Officer from behind  (FAT BOY- Chris Farley lookalike) into two other officers who already had Casey Baker in their grip, holding onto his coat and forearms leaving him defenseless to maintain stable on his feet when pulling and pushing began. Casey maintained his stability while in the two officers grasp who were standing to the front and to the right of him, right up until Casey was shoved from behind into the officers where they began pushing him backwards off them at which he lost his balance nearly falling to the ground and then was forcibly pulled forward and inside against his will, UNMASKED  into the Courthouse. Thrown to the tile floor,rolled onto his stomach face down leaving abrasions, a large swollen lump on his elbow left elbow? ,put into shackles and hauled off to the cell. He was charged with TWO Felony counts assault on law enforcement officer and one count Misdemeanor resist & obstruction charge.

One Felony count was recently dismissed leaving, one other Felony and Misdemeanor charges to fight. 

Today,4/11/22 Casey Baker attended his first day of Trial in which a Jury was selected, deliberated and came back with a Guilty Verdict. 😔 Corrupt, Broken Kangaroo Courts serve Injustice. In Idaho, the Innocent are Guilty until proven Innocent...if you can. What's Up is Down & what's Down is Up 😟


The Prosecuting Attorney had the audacity to tell Casey after the trial verdict was announced, 

"I know you’re not a violent man.”

THREE TIMES this was heard being said to Casey! Really????  That is exactly what he was just convicted of MORON!!!

*Judge ordered Pre-sentence investigation. 

Sentencing Hearing 

June 22nd, 9:00AM 

Please plan to be in attendance to support Casey Baker 🙏

This is Felony Risk assessment interview that determines prison or probation

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