Business outreach fliers for OUTREACH CAMPAIGN. 2.14.22

TAKE ACTION NOW and help us fund this campaign and get this information into the hands of every business owner we can.
Info Feb 14, 2022
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TAKE ACTION NOW!! Download and print the attached fliers and help us distribute them to business owners.
The LA department of public health along with the city of Burbank and LA board of supervisors are forcing business owners to enforce unlawful medical mandates on their patrons and staff. Below is a link with very helpful information on how business owners can protect themselves from code enforcers and citations along with links to information on how they have been lied to by the media.
We are distributing these all around Los Angeles County and NEED YOUR HELP! Please download the 2 PDF LINKS and distribute as many as possible in an ENVELOPE marked “Business Owner” during or after business hours. You can drop them in the mailbox, slide it through the door or tape them to the glass. Thanks for your help, time to take action!!
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know-your-rights-as-a-business-owner.pdf (795 KB)resist-illegal-mandates.pdf (273 KB)

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