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Case Jan 21, 2023
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Please spend a little bit of your time to help my friend Ammon Bundy. The establishment is out for his blood and he could really use our help. If you are Here as a PR Member, NOW is the time to take ACTION for the Man who showed us the way. 

There are several things we can do:

1. Show up to the Ada County Courthouse on Monday, January 23rd, if possible, about 8AM. Even if you will be late, Please show up as soon possible. Supporting Ammon in person is the most powerful thing we CAN DO! Fill the Courtroom and Halls. 

2. Make sure you read and share his letter with EVERYONE YOU KNOW. This letter describes what is happening to him currently.

Here's a link you can post instead.

3. The link above provides an update. Update 1, at the very bottom, it tells what took place at his pre-trial hearing on Wednesday. Two Holland and Hart attorneys (representing the hospital in the civil lawsuit against Ammon) were present and advising/whispering to the prosecutor from behind. We are asking everyone to file a grievance with the Idaho State Bar against the two attorneys that were present, Erik Stidham and Christopher McCurdy. This seems unethical at the very least. This grievance form (in the link below) needs to be filled out, one form for each attorney, and returned to the Idaho State Bar in PDF format.

 You can mail it to Idaho State Bar, PO Box 895, Boise, ID 83701 or email the PDF form to Katherine Williams at

4. Forward the below link detailing the 8 laws that were broken during the Baby Cyrus incident to all your representatives. They need to know how CPS and local police disregarded the law that night.

5. Additionally, you can write to Chris Roth, CEO of St. Luke’s Hospital, however, the only email we could find to the foundation is:

6. Call Judge Annie McDevitt at 208-287-7483, give your personal testimony to Ammon's character. You may get a message machine or someone who is screening her calls. 

7. You can also write or call (with personal testimony to Ammon’s character) Whitney Welsh and the Ada County Prosecutors at Ada County Courthouse 200 W Front Street, Boise, ID 83702. Phone: 208 287-7700. Email:

8. Change your MEDIA PLATFORMS Profile Photo to this one below. Share this CTA Directives everywhere and Ammons Letter. IT'S IMPERATIVE 

Thank you! A11

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