Support for Rep. Nearman as the legislature tries to expel him

Tonight at 7:30p there will be a floor vote to expel Rep. Nearman for events that transpired at the Capitol on December 21st. 

Article IV Section 14 of the Oregon Constitution REQUIRES that legislative meetings be OPEN to the public. The State made it clear that the session was CLOSED to the public. The People gathered to participate in the session and assert their right to be present. They were met with violence by OSP and threatened with trespassing and arrest. This political crucifixion of Rep. Nearman is not a good faith effort at upholding the Constitution like many bad-faith legislators would have you believe but an attempt to further take away your voice and rights. They would have you believe that the people gathered were violent and assaulted OSP with bear mace and put the officers and the legislators in danger. OSP first sprayed people gathered outside the door and shot them with less than lethal munitions BEFORE any person acted in self defense and the defense of others. They would have you believe that this is the fault of Rep. Nearman and that he should be held criminally liable and be expelled from the legislature. The People wanted nothing more than to peacefully be a part of the legislative process like they had been so many times before and they were refused. The only crime being committed is by those who refuse to uphold the Oregon Constitution and ORS 192.630.

If they are successful in removing Rep. Nearman, they are successful in silencing YOUR voice and YOUR rights! It is past time to quit being a part of the silent majority as so many people like to claim and let our elected representatives know where we stand. We stand with justice, we stand for each other, and we stand with Rep. Nearman!

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