Citizens Ask Sheriffs in Idaho Counties Not to Arrest Ammon Bundy

Concerned Citizens of Gem, Ada, Canyon, Adams & Payette County have banded together to notify the Sheriffs & Police departments of Ammon Bundy's petition to transfer his case to federal court, asking them not to arrest while the federal petition is pending. DO YOU SUPPORT THIS LETTER?

Citizens Ask Sheriffs in Idaho Counties Not to Arrest Ammon Bundy 

Concerned Citizens of five Idaho Counties have come together to ask their sheriffs and chiefs of police to order their departments not to arrest Ammon Bundy while the Petition in the federal court is pending. 

Two days ago, in an unpredictable move, Ammon Bundy & Diego Rodriguez filed with the federal courts to take the case away from Ada County and into the U.S. District Courts. If a federal judge will take up the case it will be reset and litigation will start anew. Bundy & Rodriguez have complained that "They have not and will never get justice in the Ada County Courts''. After the COVID prosecutions in Ada County, anyone who did not agree with the mandates can easily understand their claims. 

In the letter from the Concerned Citizens of the Idaho Counties, some of the abuse and corruption of Judge Lynn Norton against Bundy & Rodriguez are described. It appears that the Ada County Judge had a legal duty to close the case promptly after it was obvious that Bundy was not going to participate. Being a civil lawsuit, none of the parties are compelled to appear. But by law, if a party does not appear the court MUST enter default against the non-attending party and close the case. According to the letter, Judge Norton kept the case open for "nearly a year" allowing St. Lukes to continue to amend the complaint and raise the lawsuit to $7.5 million, plus lawyer fees and wiggle in a civil arrest for Bundy. Prior to the amendments St. Lukes was only suing Bundy personally for $50,000, with a promise that they would give it to a charity. Several other serious abuses by the judge and St. Lukes are listed in the letter as well. Enjoy!


People Supported

Dear Sheriff [_____________________],

This letter serves as NOTICE to you and your department that Ammon Bundy has filed in the United States District Court a Petition to Transfer the Pending Civil Lawsuit against him from State Court to Federal Court. A federal judge is obligated to rule upon the matter within 20 days. Out of respect for the lawful process, we ask that you do not execute the arrest warrant upon Ammon Bundy while the matter is pending in federal court. 

Federal courts have Subject Matter Jurisdiction over civil rights violations (U.S.C. Title 28 Section 1446 & U.S.C. Title 28 Section 1391). The federal courts have Original Jurisdiction over federal questions (Title 28 U.S.C. Section 31. and Title 28 U.S.C. Sections 1343(3) and (4)). The federal courts have Diversified Jurisdiction when the parties to the controversy do not reside in the same States (U.S.C. Title 28, Section 1441 (b)(2) and U.S.C. Title 28, Section 1332).  Due to the facts and circumstances in this case it is highly probable that the federal courts will take up the matter.  

Ammon Bundy & Diego Rodriguez have been put in jeopardy by Idaho’s largest private institution (St. Luke’s Hospital), represented by one of Idaho’s largest law firms (Holland & Hart) and by an Idaho State Court, for exercising their right of free speech, their right to assemble, and their right to grieve government for redress, all protected acts listed in the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. Additionally, pursuant to the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution, “Life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” clause, Mr. Bundy & Mr. Rodriguez have been deprived of their right of procedural due process pursuant to the 5th and 6th Amendments, and finally the right of equal rights pursuant to the 14th Amendment. 

Utilizing heavy-handed tactics from one of Idaho’s most powerful law firms, Holland & Hart has served tens of thousands of pages upon Mr. Bundy. Before being able to respond to the initial complaint, Mr. Bundy was swarmed with more documents. This has continued throughout the proceeding and the frustration of not being able to respond has had the State Court issuing a Contempt Warrant for the arrest of Mr. Bundy, criminalizing a once civil case. Moreover, St. Luke’s Hospital has squandered valuable judicial resources and engaged in frivolous litigation to attack Mr. Bundy & Mr. Rodriguez at the unlawful expense of both Federal and State taxpayers who bear the burden of the expenses at the end of the day. 

Mr. Rodriguez has suffered similarly at the hands of St. Luke’s counsel with tens of thousands of pages served upon him. 

Unable to respond or even practically read to understand the mountains of legal documents coming from St. Luke’s counsel, Holland & Hart, frustration has mounted with Mr. Bundy & Mr. Rodriguez and little hope that justice will be met in the State Court exists.

The heavy-handed tactics against Mr. Bundy & Mr. Rodriguez are not just by the St. Luke’s counsel but by the State Court as well, depriving them of meaningful and procedural due process under color of law. This State Case raises issues of Federal Constitutional magnitude that cannot be addressed in the State Court forum due to the current tactics by St. Luke’s and the State Court itself. 

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) are illegal in most states. In Idaho, it has been up to the judge to stop these types of lawsuits. However, Judge Lynn Norton has failed to protect the rights of the Idaho public to freely speak, freely assemble and freely grieve government for redress. She has allowed this case against Mr. Bundy & Mr. Rodriguez to continue for more than a year.  

After considering the enormous burden that fighting this case would put on his family & finances, Mr. Bundy decided not to appear, requiring Judge Norton to default him under I.R.C.P Rule 55 (a)(1). At the beginning of the case St. Luke’s executives were only seeking $50,000 from Mr. Bundy. Therefore, rather than hiring attorneys and spending years in litigation, he believed defaulting would be the least time consuming and least expensive way to mitigate the lawsuit. However, Judge Lynn Norton did not promptly default Mr. Bundy for his lack of appearance, as required by law. Instead, she left the case open for nearly an entire year, allowing St. Lukes to amend the complaint 4 times, increased the punitive damages to $7.5 million dollars and then issued a civil warrant for Mr. Bundy’s arrest. Judge Norton put a gag order on Mr. Bundy for speaking to the public about the case. St. Luke’s counsel convinced Judge Norton that Mr. Bundy speaking about the case was “dangerous” to St. Lukes and Holland & Hart and that he needed to be arrested. Only after Mr. Bundy was put in extreme jeopardy of losing all his property and his liberty did Judge Norton enter a default judgment, granting St. Luke’s authority to lien everything he owns. 

Mr. Bundy and Mr. Rodriguez have and will continue to suffer the unlawful conduct of St. Luke’s and the Ada County Court until or unless a federal judge removes the case from state jurisdiction and transfers it to the United States District Court. They have petitioned the United States Court for an ORDER TRANSFERRING the Idaho Civil Case, CASE NO. CV01-22-06789 to the jurisdiction of the United States District Court for The District of Idaho, as soon as possible, that they may be heard and federal questions addressed, as well as any other relief deemed just and proper under the circumstances. 

Therefore, out of respect for the legal process and to avoid a civil rights lawsuit against your department, we ask that you do not exercise the arrest warrant issued by Ada County Judge, Lynn Norton for Ammon Bundy while the federal petition is pending. 

Thank you, 

Concerned Citizens of Gem, Ada, Canyon, Elmore, Adams & Payette County 


People Supported

This Letter was Notarized and Served to Sheriff & Chiefs of Police in 5 Counties

memorandum-iso-motion-for-contempt.pdf (185 KB)notice-of-petition-to-transfer-case-to-federal-court-request-not-execute-the-arrest-warrant-upon-ammon-bundy-20.docx (24 KB)

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