Claiming your rights part 1

Info Apr 14, 2021
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So we had a good discussion at the Tuesday meeting.  We really need to get back to the basics.  We really need to get back to the fundamental basics behind the people's rights group.  I will admit that I have probably went off track in regards to what our ultimate end goal is.  

We talked about getting back on track last night.  Yes I know not everyone wants to give up some possible benefits from the government in order to live in a more free environment.  I will in my opinion state that you will have more benefits out from under the huge hammer held over your head.  This government knows exactly what they are holding over you!  They feel empowered in knowing they own your soul!  They will eventually make claim to it once that inevitable day comes.  

So again it's your choice as to how to proceed.   We all make daily choices.  Some seem far fetched.  Other's seem impossible to achieve.  Again we are all working together and can lean on each other to obtain this goal if that is what you seek.

I will be posting core objectives of the group over the next few weeks.  Keep informed and involved.  We must be committed if this is the choice we have decided to make.

Here below is the first topic regarding claiming your rights!  This is the first action item to complete.  It seems simple in words but will require some work aka paperwork to get it done.  And don't take the word done as a 1 step process.  It is multiple processes.  It is a never ending process.  How much is being free really worth?  Again that is the personal choice you decide to do or not do.  Again how much would you devote to insuring your family and generations to come are free?  Again your choice.  Just something to ponder.  Let's get back on track and actually start doing something.

Claim Your Rights

Making sure others understand what rights belongs to you is an essential step in preserving them.  From time to time people may forget or become confused about (or even may just plain ignore) which rights justly belong to you, and which belong to them.  The subject of focus may be a property line between you and your neighbor, or more important, may be your children at a school.  It may even be your own body.  When people seem confused about rights, or try to claim rights that may not be their own, it is imperative that you inform them of which rights belongs to you and not them. 

 Remember: Rights don't overlap.  What is one person's right cannot belong to another.

Claiming your rights is the first step in preserving them.  

Hope everyone has a great day!  Hope everyone chooses to actually be free!

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