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Clog The Line!

75229 Event Nov 22, 2020
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The following is from We recommend jamming the lines beginning tomorrow, Monday, November 23. Be polite--you could win the hearts and minds of the dispatch workers--but do question the legitimacy and ethics of this snitch-hotline. Above all, jam the lines at 208-608-7040!!

"The city will also partner with Boise residents who have concerns about businesses that refuse to follow public health orders. We want to know who is putting the health and safety of this community at risk. Residents will be able to file a complaint against a business where staff or patrons won’t comply with COVID-19 emergency health orders.

Residents who want to file a complaint against a business should call the City Clerk at (208) 608-7040.

"The City of Boise will respond to resident complaints by inspecting city licensed businesses and referring businesses not licensed by the city to Central District Health. The city will inform the business that a complaint has been filed against them. The city will work with the business to educate them on the public health orders and advise them of potential consequences for continuing to violate state law and municipal ordinance.  

"Businesses licensed by the City of Boise that are found to pose a clear and immediate threat to the health, safety and welfare of the public may have their business license suspended for at least 10 days on the first violation, at least 20 days on the second violation and a year revocation on a third violation."

In addition to questioning the practice of snitching on businesses, you might question the dispatch person on the following points. Notice the ill-will included in the language about undermining the sacrifice of others. Also, notice that businesses are being drafted as enforcers for the government, and BPD is their back up. Is that really okay in a free-society?

"The city will partner with the business community to protect businesses adhering to public health protocols and hold those that are not accountable. The best way to slow community spread is to work together, but Boise can no longer allow people and businesses to undermine the sacrifices others have made. That is why the city is reaching out to businesses to offer assistance when customers will not follow COVID-19 guidelines. We know it can sometimes be difficult for staff to enforce these rules and the city is here to help. 

"If you are a business that needs support enforcing your COVID-19 protocols, call the Boise Police Department non-emergency dispatch at 208-377-6790."

Please note, clog this line (208) 608-7040. Happy dialing! 

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