CPS abuse of a family for over 2 years

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The attached file is a more comprehensive account of the abuse our family has endured the last 29 months. Please read it to understand.

Key points:

  • February 3, 2020, CPS came and took our 2 younger children
  • Sheriff's detective told Mom, "I do not see anything wrong with the children; they look well fed and taken care of, but CPS is concerned, so I'm going to take them anyway." CPS paperwork says they could not do anything to leave children with us because law enforcement took them.
  • We have been paying the state child support every month since, with them threatening to take our driver's license if we skip.
  • We have not been allowed any visits or contact with the children since they were removed.
  • The only "founded" finding was "neglect of education"
  • Every phone call, we are told the children are catching up and doing great, but all written reports show they are not.
  • We have requested records, both verbally and in writing, numerous times in the last 2.5 years, never receiving them. 
  • The children have been separated from each other
  • Each of our children have been in at least 10 placements, including respite care
  • Both of our children have faced criminal charges since in CPS care.
  • We have raised the children's issues with Reactive Attachment Disorder and Disassociative Identity Disorder and the department refuses to acknowledge and offer them treatment for it.
  • It is apparent the children are under the influence of MK Ultra and are being handled. This is a major crime against humanity that needs addressed.
    • research MK Ultra: Telegram #Allysarmy
  • Both of our children have been acting out in CPS care, but CPS blames it on us.
  • June 23, 2022, there was an "update" meeting with the social worker, GAL, our attorney and us, where we were advised that on June 8, 2022, they had a meeting that we were not advised about, where they changed the plan to adoption from reunification.
  • We asked why they would not allow visits. They said they have offered it to the children, but they do not want to visit, so they can not force them. 
    • Again, they are pointing fingers at each other, saying the counselor is responsible for not recommending visits, but the paperwork we get shows they are not allowing visits either. No one will take responsibility.
  • We were told the children were doing great and were excited to be adopted out.
  • June 24, 2022, we received paperwork in the mail from the GAL. Excerpts from that report:
    • The first (sibling) visit ended 15 minutes early because (our son) did not want to obey the rules
    • (our son) claims to have regularly beat up most of the people around him. He says he has friends at school but that they are all weak.
    • (our son) doesn't do anything other than hang out on his phone or lay in bed. 
    • 6/13/2022: Email (from GAL in Wenatchee): Visited (our son) today. A little better since he actually came out of his room for a few minutes. But mostly grunts in response to my questions rather than any real conversation.
    •  Teachers reported (our son's) behaviors to include: exited classrooms without permission, threw pencils, ran in the classroom or halls, organized fights in the bathroom, hit a counselor in the back of the head, flipped people off, was not kind to his peers, said inappropriate sexual comments to females, stole from classrooms, and doesn't follow adult direction. 
  • Does that sound like "doing great"??
  • There is a court hearing July 5, 2022

Action items:

  • Contact each of the state representatives on the DCYF committee, demanding the financial incentive for removing, terminating parental rights, and adopting children out be stopped.
    • Research the percentage of prison inmates who have been in the social services system
    • Research the monetary incentive the state has to 1) take children and 2) adopt them out
    • Are you ok with your tax dollars going towards destroying families and creating criminals? 
  • Contact DCYF to Demand justice for families.

I am happy to share more if you have questions. I have written letters that I can share, we have recordings, etc.

Thank you

Andy Reavis


letters-of-recommendation.pdf (2 MB)on-february-2.docx (28 KB)

Updates and a way to help

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We have been trying to get the social worker to get us referrals for the recommended counseling since April. She finally sent us a provider list on September 21. Under 6 hours later, we told her our choice, so she could send referrals. We still have not received the referrals as of November 1.

Our son was arrested for the 3rd time since he has been in CPS care on October 5. His father and grandfather attended the arraignment hearing, where the social worker tried to shut the court down to remove them, which was unsuccessful. The judge said there was no reason we could not be there. 

There is a Permanency Planning Meeting November 3, 2022 at 3 PM PST. They will say there is no progress by the parents, so the plan needs to stay with adopting them out again. Page 6 of the attached document gives the outline for the meeting. The participants include "individuals supporting the parent". If you are available to join the meeting as a witness, so they know there are eyes on them and the evil corruption is being exposed, the family would be very grateful. 

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 815 2732 8143

Passcode: 240922

One tap mobile

+12532158782,,81527328143#,,,,*240922# US (Tacoma)

+12133388477,,81527328143#,,,,*240922# US (Los Angeles)


Dial by your location

        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)

        +1 213 338 8477 US (Los Angeles)

Meeting ID: 815 2732 8143

Passcode: 240922

Find your local number:


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Continued abuse

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On August 25, there was a parent meeting with the social worker. The parents attorney discussed with the social worker the necessary counseling required of the parents. The department has to have one of their "approved" counselors, so they can give them their "collateral" and receive all notes. A list of counselors was requested, so the parents could get started. This has not been provided yet. 

Claudia, then nonchalantly said, "ok, I will be working on the 'Parental Rights Termination' paperwork to get it filed with the court."


Video of the father speaking out

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Checkout the link for a video of the father briefly telling the story.

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