Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to Europe moving backward over energy on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' Will people be doubling up to stay warm this winter?

Energy shortages, gas shortage, fuel shortage, firewood shortage, food shortage for everyone except Russia on - who was sanctioned. Russia is the only one who will have plenty of everything this winter. Globalist insanity at its best yet the globalists (and, of course, Russia) are the only ones who will be warm & fed.

Aug 29, 2022  Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to Europe moving backward over energy costs on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.' 

The U.S. is moving backwards in available energy & getting much poorer much faster.

Demand for firewood in Germany is so high that there is none left.  Families in Poland are standing in line for days - sleeping in their cars in order to save their place in line in order to buy coal.  70% of restaurants in the U.K. are planning to close this winter because they will go bankrupt trying to pay energy costs.  

Energy costs in Europe are expected to increase hundreds of  %.   Germany's electric costs just exceeded a thousand of euros per megawatt hour for first time in history.   Energy costs increased 50% in one week.  France's increased 25 % in one day!  Food prices have doubled, coal prices have quadrupled & natural gas prices have increased SEVEN times!

Of course, the one country that had energy sanctions imposed on them (Russia) is the one with energy to burn - which they're doing to get rid of the excess!  (Who couldn't have seen that coming?)

Add the food shortages to the energy shortages and we have the perfect storm.

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