Get involved, help make a change.. Training July 7th (and August 13th) Potluck July 21st

Western Liberty Network is returning to Klamath Falls... great training to help us be heard as an Opinion Leaders, Board Members or Precinct Leaders also sign up for the July 21st BBQ Potluck

Event Jun 30, 2022
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Wonderful training by Richard Burke that will teach us how to get involved whether it's running for a board position (there are many open in Klamath County right now), leading a Precinct, or simply having your voice heard as an Opinion Leader. 

You don't want to miss this free training by Richard Burke and the Western Liberty Network. Both July 7th (in lieu of PR meeting) and August 13th... details on these fliers

Mark your calendar for Outdoor BBQ potluck July 21st  sign ups coming soon.

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