Government Accountability Starts With You...Obtaining the Oath of Office & Bond

The goal is to obtain certified copies of the Oath & Bond of local public servants for every area.

We need a volunteer from every Area to go and obtain a Certified Copy of the Loyalty Oath of Office & Bond for all 15 Arizona County Public Servants:

Step 1. Contact the public servant directly to request a certified copy of their signed & sworn oath of office and bond.

Step 2. (if step one was not successful) File an official FOIA & FOIL Records Request with the county clerk or records custodian for said certified copies.

Step 3. Share your success with your area assistant, email me directly to share your progress, and come to the meetings to discuss your experience in obtaining these documents, and the reaction you got from those in public service. 

Step 4. Be prepared to learn the next part of the learning and accountability process using these documents as supportive evidence. (Do you think the Public servant even has a copy of their oath? Do you think any of them have ever read or even studied the constitution? Have you read what the Loyalty Oath of Office is about?)

1. The County Records Clerk

2. The County Superior Court Clerk

3. The County Sheriff

4. The County DA (District Attorney/County Prosecutor)

5. The County Superior Court Chief/Lead/Head, Justice/Judge/Judicial Officer

6. The County Manager/Supervisor/Director/CEO 

7. The County Public Defenders Office Lead Attorney

8. The County Treasurer 

9. The County Assessor 

10. The County School Superintendent

11. The County Public Health Director

12. The County Risk Management Director  

~Patrick Hansen

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