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I’ll start with saying I originally got into this from 4 wheeling and camping about 5-6 years back. We started out with GMRS radios WRBM678, whiskey, romeo, bravo, mike, 678 but the consensus later was to go the Ham route.

Ham Study Guide dot org is a great place to learn about Ham, study for exams and they also have an app which is nice. Be sure to download the app and study, I found it best to just click (I don't know) so the answer appears and that's all I read. It made it easier for me to remember that way.

Repeater Links

Repeaterbook is a great resource for repeaters in your area.

Here's a link to the Intermountain Intertie System which links more than a dozen repeaters together, click the link to see where the repeaters are located.

My GMRS is another great place to find repeaters

AmRRON & Local Nets

AmRRON is a network of Preppers, Patriots and Redoubters who have volunteered to keep each other connected when other means of communications are unavailable or unreliable. AmRRON operators participate in scheduled nets to practice using non-conventional communications.


I’ve purchased three radios from these guys and they’ve been great so far. They also sell antennas and other Ham related items

I've purchased a few antennas from these guys and now you guys have as well although you guys were lucky and saved a bunch thanks to Ammon and Scott. He's also the responsible party for Ham Study Guide

If you’re looking to build your own cables or just looking for misc parts, this is a good place to checkout. QSRadio

Great antennas for your HT, Mobile or Base Station

Baofeng antenna (dual band)

Yaesu or other higher end radios SMA/M (dual band)

Home or base camp

If you're looking for what Ham people consider a great antenna, look no further

Another great antenna recommended by Scott that a local ID Area 3 user is using with a 50 watt icom mobile unit is 

Base Station Equipment Scott Recommends

The Icom ID-4100A mobile radio makes a great base-station unit, and can currently be purchased for as little as $299 shipped here...

Really nice all-round antenna.  Covers 2M(VHF), 70CM(UHF) and also FRS/GMRS Frequencies...

Mounting bracket for either a pole or attach directly to roof or fascia...

This adapter will be needed using the antenna and mounting bracket mentioned above...

Depending on length of cable needed for the installation either use this one for 50ft...

This cable for 100ft...

Magnetic Mount for Vehicle

Antennas for mag mount. Connection type is NMO!/2-440-VHF-UHF-Mobile-NMO-Antenna/p/51822151/category=13543021

Magnetic mounting for vehicle using NMO to antenna and PL-259 to mobile radio!/Mag-Mount-NMO/p/51822084/category=13335018

Programming Software


rt systems

YouTube Videos

There’s obviously YouTube which has some great info unfortunately

He’s a good resource

Jim is another great resource

Hope this information helps!



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