Heroism Outlawed In A Falling Culture

Info May 28, 2022
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Written by: Brutus 

The states monopoly on heroism is an issue that plagues our culture.

Throughout history great men have sacrificed for the greater good. They’ve put themselves in grave danger in order to save the indefensible or to save their brethren and homeland.

It is Man making the great sacrifice that some could say is the fulfillment of a Man’s destiny.

To see Fathers try with desperation do what must be done in order to save their children only to be stopped, blocked and tazed by the “state qualified” designated agents sent to save the children was a sight to behold. The failure of Uvalde Texas is just a microcosm of the issues plaguing western civilizations culture.

Men are being emasculated. Longevity of life is placed above quality and meaning of life. Safety is placed above honor and above the soul of Mans principles.  The weak are placed to the highest ranks of social status. The young are sacrificed for the betterment of the old. Pleasure is placed over discipline. Science is the religion. Short term gains promoted over long term goals. The young are taught to hate their culture their history and themselves. It is a falling culture plagued by degeneracy.

If we are to ever have a great renaissance of our culture we must rebuild the pillars that have been removed from our culture. We must look inward instead of outward. The Father must be promoted and upheld as the staple and rock that holds family’s together. The Father is the King of his family and his land. He is the protector. He is the provider. He is the teacher. He is the Authority of his land and of his family. The Mother must be promoted. The Mother is the Queen. The Mother is the caregiver. She is the nurture. She is the homemaker.  She is the teacher. She is who creates life. The bases of our great western civilization is the Family Unit..The Patriarchy.  Great Families Produce Great Nations.

Feminism must be rejected and the traditional values of western civilization must be rejuvenated. The state wants both the Mother and Father working in order to make it more appealing to send children to it’s designated childcare (public schools) to groom them in a way that benefits it and not the family. The Mother must stay home to care and teach her children while the Father provides.  This builds a strong resilient beautiful true Independent culture.

The natural order must be reestablished. The strong honorable and brave must be allocated to the highest ranks of social status and authority. They are the “nobilitus naturali”.   Honor and duty must be placed above safety and pleasure.  The young must be placed above the old. The meaning and quality of life must be placed over the longevity of life. A culture built around more than just material possessions and short term gains is necessary for it to prosper.

Remember who you are. 


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