Hundreds Turn Out on Montana/Canadian Border to Cheer on Canadian Freedom Convoy

Montanans gathered at border entry town on Saturday to show support.

Info Jan 30, 2022
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By Roger Roots

     The tiny unincorporated town of Sweet Grass, Montana is at the point where Interstate 15 intersects with the Canadian border.   It is a remote location more than 100 miles north of Great Falls.  On Saturday, January 29, hundreds of freedom-lovers descended on the tiny border crossing to show support for the ongoing Canadian freedom convoy north of the border.

      The border is now fully closed to unvaccinated travelers going across from either side.  Canadians who haven’t submitted to experimental mRNA injections are prohibited from all plane travel, bus travel, train travel, or even leaving their mostly-locked-down country.

       Recently, several Canadians have tried to escape their totalitarian nightmare by fleeing on foot across the frozen, snow-covered tundra into northern Montana.  

      Now over 50,000 truckers have organized a convoy across Canada to protest Justin Trudeau’s Orwellian regime.  The semi trucks are currently surrounding the Canadian capitol in Ottawa, Ontario.  The convoy is by far the longest convoy of vehicles in world history, apparently recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.  Yet world’s “mainstream” (government-supporting, government-supported) news outlets barely mention the convoy.  (mainstream news broadcasts that do mention the convoy describe the convoy protest as being fascist, racist, or Russian-instigated).

[photo thanks to Debi Westlake]    

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