Incident in Vancouver WA Gayle and Satin Meyer 28-29 Jan 2021

People’s Rights SOS used, positive eventual results, become prepared in your communities today.

Gayle Meyer is a 74 year old living in Vancouver.  She previously had a brain tumor which was mostly removed but was still affecting her brain stem.  Her daughter Satin was a licensed caregiver and held the medical power of attorney for Gayle.  

Satin brought Gayle to the Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital on the evening of Thurs 28 Jan because Gayle was disoriented and experiencing low blood pressure and a urinary tract infection.  Satin stayed with Gayle to ensure her care was done properly.  Gayle and Satin refused the Covid test and would not wear masks.  Gayle received IV fluids and antibiotics for the UTI. 

Satin left the hospital around 4 am and returned later in the morning Fri 29 Jan to see her mother.  Satin was denied entrance into the hospital.  The hospital refused Satin to see her mother.  When Satin demanded that the hospital release her mother at once, she was denied.  This is kidnapping! 

At first, the hospital claimed that Gayle refused to take the Covid test.  Then they changed their story and said that Gayle had a Covid test, which was against her will, and had to be quarantined until the results came in.  Then they changed their story back to Gayle refused the test and had to be forced into quarantine without a test.  They also said that she was on oxygen, which she did not require and was a non-approved medical treatment by Satin. 

Satin tried to use SOS on the People's Rights text messaging, but the message would not go through (possibly blocked by the phone provider).  She contacted people individually to get their help. An email was sent to all members (see below).  About 30 people eventually showed up to support her.  No one was wearing masks.   

The sheriff would not respond to the People's Rights calls, but when the hospital called them, they came.  Armed police were at every entrance of the hospital.   

When a hospital employee entered the emergency room sliding door, some of the People's Rights folks tried to follow her, including Satin.  They were physically and roughly pushed back.  Then a man tried to forcibly enter and was eventually sprayed by police with pepper spray at point blank range directly into his mouth, which he just spit out.  He stared down the police.  The crowd  called the police "Blue ISIS."  The crowd continued to yell at the police and demand Gayle's release.

The incident continued until 8:30 pm that night.  "Sheriff deputies said that they protected the hospital while working to have Gayle released.  No arrests were made.  The patient was released at 9:15 pm, and the crowd dispersed."   

Eventually the hospital and law enforcement relented and released Gayle - which drew big applause and celebration from the crowd.

Here was the message that finally went out via the email system on People's Rights:


911 - Call to action area 4! Sheriff has been called.  Clark County - Please get to Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital if you can.  Patient being held against her will and kept from her advocate.   

Satin's mom Gayle Meyer was admitted last night for low blood pressure and a UTI and was not totally coherent (she had a brain tumor years ago and not all of it was removed, so she gets disoriented at times).  

She lives with Satin, who is not only her daughter but a licensed caregiver and has power of attorney over Gayle.  Satin was able to be with her last night at Legacy.  SHE TOLD THE HOSPITAL NO COVID TEST.  THEY AGREED TO NO TEST.  She got her mom to bed at Legacy and came home at 4 am, planning to go back and see her today.  She is at Legacy now, and they will not let Satin in to see her mom for 24 hours, and they tested her for Covid against Satin's orders ! 

Gayle was going to spent a final night there for fluids and antibiotics for the UTI but now we are demanding that she be released immediately.  She will not stay there alone for the next 24 hours with no advocate.  Please get to the hospital to support Satin until we get her mom discharged.  I will be there in 1 hour as well.  Message updates and questions here.  THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE TOLERATED !  Not on our watch ! 

(phone number) is the number for Legacy - Let them know we don't tolerate rogue doctors using our loved ones as lab rats.  This is medical abuse ! Patient:  Gayle Meyer, Room 618B


Link to the news article including videos from the People's Rights folks where most of this story came from:


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