Independence Day Take-Over

Event Jul 3, 2021
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Dear Montana Members,

     As we celebrate Independence Day, we are facing an Independence Day of our own People's Rights.  The financial stability, growth, development and overall well-being of the People's Rights platform has been turned over to We The People.  For the last year, Ammon Bundy, has incurred considerable costs to build the web platform and at times has been in the 'hole' up to $70k, personally.  In addition, web designers have offered their services on a pro bono basis, acting as public servants and with a sense of duty and responsibility.  Thankfully, those duties and responsibilities are being turned over to the individual members.  As you may now know, Ammon has thrown his hat in as a candidate for the Governor of Idaho here and, as such, will be devoting time and money to that endeavor.  We wish him luck!  He has also indicated that he will no longer bare the full burden of supporting the system financially and that he has set a recurring monthly contribution limit of $200 to the network.

     Monthly operating cost, with R&D costs incurred by volunteers, are roughly $7600.  To give context, if EVERY member made a monthly contribution, it would only cost them $0.13 to maintain what already exists!!!  That said, experience has shown us that not every person will contribute physically or financially and that all institutions are subject to the Free-Rider Dilemma.  I am asking that each and every Montana member login to their account here and select the "Help Out" button or go here to make a minimum donation of $10.00.  If you can afford more, please consider a larger contribution.  When you make your donation, please select the "Make it recurring" icon [seen below] so that we can facilitate the stability of regular cash flows, not just to maintain the system, but to further incentivize the R&D of the network and to build new defensive structures.

Happy Independence Day!!,

Nicholas Ramlow

Montana State Assistant

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