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Published 1/27/2023
By, John Lamb 
John Lamb Last Free Man, News
A couple weeks ago I went to the Madison County Courthouse in Virginia City to check public records on the missionary case as I have been doing the last two months since finding out about their wrongful arrest. 
I requested any new documents filed on the case, looking for anything new to write about; anything interesting or helpful for a new story. 
My name appeared in one of the motions filed by the new assistant attorney general, Thorin Geist. I was listed as a witness who the state may call. 
First off, I would be honored to testify on the behalf of these 4 missionaries who I have gotten to know in this short period of time, who I consider to be brothers and sister in Christ. But for the state!? 
I have testified in multiple cases over the years; more than I can count or remember. I have always been a defense witness, never a prosecution witness. Prosecutors have always considered me a hostile witness because of my firm position supporting nullification of bad and corrupt laws. I believe in the right of jury nullification. 
Check out jury nullification at these sites; 
Fully Informed Jury Association
I'm looking forward to testifying. Looking forward for the chance to expose what I've learned about the corruption in the Madison County Sheriff's department; the cover up of rape by one of their own officers, deputy Clay Garrison, who never was charged but was finally fired just recently for sexual harassment; two other officers who live together as common law husband and wife but still inappropriately work on the same cases (Alex Winn and Leah Cox). What is the newest elected sheriff going to do what this? 
Madison County has had a history of corruption and cover up of corruption within, this is just the beginning. 
Will Thorin Geist and David Buchler be complicit in this corruption, knowing the Sheriff's department has been compromised by corruption within?  
What I can testify to is that after I bailed the missionaries out, on Nov.16th 2022 I called Sergeant Winn, trying to get property back that had been stolen by Sgt. Winn and other deputies. I asked where I could come pick up Eric Trent's phone. Alex Winn told me the sheriff's department didn't return the property back of guilty people. I asked him to repeat that....didn't he mean innocent until proven guilty?  He repeated himself and said they didn't give people who had assaulted someone their property back. Eric Trent's phone was tracked for several days after riding in Winn's truck before finally ending up in Virginia City and has yet to be returned. 
Deputy Dan Wyatt think its funny that "the F###### 12 year old can go to CPS "
Robbie the Game Warden and Deputy Winn laugh at them being evangelists, and Tim Jurgonski takes 12 year old Josiah back to Brad Terrell's business and leaves him unattended in a sherriff vehicle for over 10 minutes while he's in talking to the man who just attacked his dad. 
Dan Wyatt "If you can walk across America together, you can go to jail together". 
I can't wait to testify!  
But what Thorin Geist is actually doing is using a technicality trying to keep me from helping or supporting these missionaries. (They are being threatened, that if they talk to me they could have additional charges added of tampering with a witness). Thorin knows my record in helping innocent individuals escape from corrupt government charges such as 78 year old veteran, Joe Robertson, who Montana allowed to be put in prison. His crime: digging a pond on his own property. 
Only a tyrant would attempt to put innocent people in prison.

Michael Bronson, left, and John Lamb who had been listed as defense witness, at the Lloyd George U.S. Courthouse in Las Vegas Monday, Jan. 8, 2017, after a federal judge dismissed the case with prejudice after prosecutors were found guilty of Brady violations.

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