June 2022 -Zoom Meeting

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June Zoom Meeting

Monday night, June 13th 2022, 7:30pm MST-Arizona

Here is the link to the Zoom Call:

*Login Code:  PR  (just the two capital letters) 


1. Review Previous Meeting Action Items 

2. Discuss local community issues or needed Court Watchers

3. Sharing experience on Requesting Oath of Office from Public Servants

4. Updates and Reminders

Come with an open mind and lots of questions. 

We encourage you to invite people that may benefit from this zoom class.

Hope to see you all there. 


Get the Oaths of Office & Bond

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Community Action is Required to protect our Rights and Freedoms.

You need to flex and exercise your rights and freedoms when it comes to public servant accountability.

For THREE months now, I have been encouraging everyone through over one thousand people!  in Arizona to obtain their local public servants Oath of office & Bond and Not one single Person has come to the meetings and shared their experience exercising their rights to make an official public records request for a certified copy of the Oath of Office & Bond for a couple clerks and the sheriff.

How important is your freedom to you? 

What needs to happen before you take your responsibility in your community seriously?

We all need to keep bullies in public service accountable, and take the necessary steps to hold them to their oath of office.

Every right and freedom lost is due to our own inaction of all members of the community. 

Let's not let fear or complacency stop us from doing the work needed to preserve & protect our rights and freedoms. 

~Patrick Hansen

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