Krisanne Hall event, MEAL UPDATE PLEASE READ!!!!

KRISANNE HALL UPDATE!!! She's coming to town, reserve your meal ticket HERE!!!

February 18th, from 3pm to 8pm, we will be tearing the roof off of tyranny in Clark County WA with Krissanne Hall!!!! 

We now have a catering company signed up to bring food!  The food break will likely be from 5-5:30pm.

To guarantee your meal is there and ready for you, please reserve it ahead of time so they know appropriate quantities to prepare.

It will be a deli sandwich, chips, a cookie and a bottled water for $10.  You will get a meal ticket when you enter, based on how much you sent. For instance, If you want 3 meal tickets, send $30, etc. 

To reserve your meal, send $10 per perpson to: 

To reserve your seat, send $10 per seat to:

If you can't attend, but want to fiancially support the overall cost of event, please note that in the seat reservation paypal link above.

10713 NE 117th AVE Vancouver WA 98662 Clark County Square Dance Hall 

Author, Lawyer, Educator and Freedom Fighter, Krisanne Hall, is coming to Clark County! Don't miss this event to educate, inspire and unite with your neighbors! 


We have some changes coming with the People's Rights texting system, and will send a separate email about that this week. 

In the meantime, please download the Signal app on your phone and computer as that is one way we will be sending out texts from here on out. More details to come!

To contact State or area assistants on a secure email, send a message to: 

Washington web site / in progress: 

Thank you, 

Kelli Stewart, WA State assistant and Area 4 assistant

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